Embellish? – by Roger Wyer

Seems like a cheap word – like tinsel – adding something to something to make it beautiful. As if it wasn’t already beautiful. As if beauty weren’t totally in the eye of the beholder. As if things mattered.

Let’s make something out of “embellish.” Let’s embellish it and make it more beautiful.

eagle1What would you do to embellish your most cherished relationship? What would you add to make it even more beautiful?

It’s a trick question – sorta. I already have an answer for you. When I think about my most cherished relationships, the only things I would add are things that are already there: love, blessings, and thanks.

And I can always add more of these!

Here’s how. Every time I think of someone – every time I connect with them remotely – I wait until I’m sure I have the connection, and then I say to the spirit of the other person “I love you. I bless you. And I thank you. I thank you for your presence now. I thank you for your presence in my life. And I thank you for your love.”

When I do this, the other person could hardly be more beautiful to me. It’s that simple.

So, rather than limit ourselves to embellishing things – or even worse, embellishing stories we make up about stuff – let’s embellish our relationships with our brothers and sisters. Let’s do it simply and let’s do it every time we connect.

Btw, this works for our relationships with plants, animals, and crystals, as well as other Nature spirits and angels and the rest of the unseens. When we embellish these relationships by giving attention as we add love, blessings, and thanks, the world changes.

Let’s live in a space where beauty matters – real beauty.

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This article was written by Roger Wyer

I am a tree. I arrived in a human package this time. I live in the space between plants and people. From this space I can be helpful. I serve as a plant advocate - I am the voice of Nature. I help people create wildly better gardens and connect them with Nature for healing and spiritual growth.


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