Embracing The Mantle of An Awakened Soul – by Debbra Lupien

December brings an opportunity to reflect upon the year that is winding down. A perfect time for some introspection and planning for the new year.

How do you feel about the preceding eleven months? Did you accomplish what you had hoped? Are you satisfied with your results? What lessons did you learn? How will you use those lessons to make 2019 even better?

The channeled message which follows was intended especially for this occasion. I hope you’ll find it enlightening and encouraging as you reflect upon your plans for expansion in the months to come.

This grounding was unusual. I tilted my head back and divine light coursed into my heart chakra, filling my body with incredible warmth and well being. A very auspicious beginning.

After I’m filled to overflowing, the light filters down, deep into the earth, causing my body to undulate from the powerful waves of energy. It’s almost balletic, very rhythmic.

awakening soulMaking music with the Divine. What a wonderful feeling! I dance around like a ballerina en pointe in a little pink tutu.

That makes me giggle at the absurdity. This physical body is not congruent with that sort of movement.

My guides whisper: “But your soul is.”

Ah, I stand corrected.

Ballerina version of me then whirls and twirls out of sight.

The doors to the Akasha open wide revealing a glorious spring day. Everything fresh, clean, vibrant.

Inside the air is pungent with the fragrance of daffodils, there’s a perfect gentle breeze caressing my face. I exhale deeply, releasing all concerns. Washed away instantly by the vision and energetic frequency of the Akasha.

It makes me feel like singing so I do. “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling everything’s going my way.” (From the musical Oklahoma)

akashic records daffodilsFunny how often that song comes up when I encounter this sparking pure energy. The frequency of magnificent manifestations.

A feast for the senses. My body can’t help but feel lighter and move rhythmically along. This feeling is bliss. So powerful that movement is required.

When the Divine puts on such a show, you simply must respond, it’s encoded in your DNA.

Allow it to bring you out of your daily routine. Allow it to inspire you to new experiences. Allow yourself to step into this energetic pool of bliss.

That’s the trouble with your world grasshopper, not enough allowing, not enough bliss. Everyone all caught up in their own agendas. Busy, busy, busy, running about like chickens with their heads cut off. So much drama. Why? Do you not make the connection that it draws you in the opposite direction from whence you intended? Do you not see how it derails your plans?”

Stop hey, what’s that sound everybody look what’s going down. (Buffalo Springfield, For What It’s Worth)

It’s a distraction! You don’t have to respond to every distraction that comes along. Do you allow a pesky gnat buzzing about your head to derail you? Of course not because you realize it is temporary and unimportant. Why then do you allow distractions that have nothing to do with you to completely derail your plans?

Were those plans not so very important after all? It’s an important consideration. What is really important to you? What do you value? Once you get clear on those questions, consider whether that’s where you are putting your energy and focus. If not, maybe you should.

You get to decide what’s important and how you spend your time, we only want to help you see that very often what you intend and what you actually do are very different.

Bring more awareness to your daily life. Get off the treadmill of eat/sleep/work. That is not what you came to the planet to experience.

Chop chop, wake up!

You are missing from your own life. You are not an automaton. You are a living, breathing, feeling, thinking being. Isn’t it time you exercised your rights and stepped into living rather than existing? My children you are missing out on the exquisite experience that you came here to have.

It’s all well and good to climb up on the carousel and take a ride occasionally. It’s a different matter entirely to spend your whole life there. Step off and step into awareness of who you really are. Allow yourself to feel everything.

Don’t slip into the trap of numbness to escape the unpleasant parts of your existence. Do something about it! Take some new action. Make a new choice. Going numb is being stagnant. Allow yourself to feel so that you can discern what you don’t want and leave it behind.

It takes courage to wear the mantle of an awakened soul. You will at times see and feel things that are not pretty. Nevertheless it’s reality. Once you see it then you get to choose what you will do about it.

We promise that even in those times when you believe there is no choice there always is. Just do something different. Get the energy flowing and watch for bread crumbs from your guides. We’ll be right there with you. We are even now. Tune into our presence. Allow us to assist. You don’t have to do this alone. That is a choice, but from our perspective, a very unwise one.

Why would you pilot a yacht yourself when you have an entire crew at your disposal? That crew will come in mighty handy when you encounter rough seas, which you most assuredly will. It’s polarity you see. Calm/rough. Both have their place. Too much calm and you have stagnation which ultimately becomes death. Too much rough keeps you in survival mode where nothing gets accomplished — except surviving — and for what? Neither is desirable. Balance is what you’re trying to achieve.   

It’s a whole lot easier to maintain balance when you can see the big picture and allow others to help you “get by with a little help from your friends. Gonna try with a little help from your friends.” (from the Beatles)

The world is your playground. You’ve lost track of that by choosing to become laden down with responsibilities.

You are magnificent manifestors, every one of you. It’s encoded within you. Allow it to come out and be expressed once more.

We are not saying you shouldn’t work, however there is work and there is work. When you do what you love it isn’t really work is it? How can you incorporate more joy into what you do so that it will feed your soul, uplift your energy, open your awareness to the possibilities that are even now right in front of you?

Ask for what you really want. Allow us to help you manifest something even better than you thought to ask for. Allow is a big part of the answer you have been seeking. Because you have free choice, you are free to block your own manifestations, and some of you have gotten quite good at it.

Stop allowing others to tell you who you are and what you “should” do. Those are their rules, not yours. You get to create rules that work for you.

Question everything! Accepting someone else’s version of truth has never served you. Open your eyes. Use your gifts to see with clarity and vision. See the world as you would have it be. Then move towards that beautiful vision and watch for the metaphorical stepping stones that will be laid out before you to make the journey easier.

Divine never said it had to be hard. That is a human invention and comes from limited thinking.

Time to climb up out of that box. Better yet knock the walls down! You, beautiful soul, were not created to live in a box — most especially not one designed by someone else.

Lift up your eyes to the vision of what you intend and then get moving. The tiniest baby steps are perfectly fine. It’s just important to move. Inertia is not your friend. It will pull you right off course and drag you down into despair if you let it. Please don’t. You have important things to do. There’s a purpose and plan to this incarnation that you planned before you were born into this skin suit. Reconnect with that purpose. Meditation is one way, there are others. Choose what works best for you. Get help if you need it.

There is so much joy, wonder and delight just waiting for you around the bend, so what are you waiting for? Life is meant to be a voyage of discovery “so get up and move it along.”

We say Yay Hallelujah and Amen.

When songs come up during messages there’s always a reason. Oh What A Beautiful Morning made sense as did With A Little Help From My Friends. The Buffalo Springfield song not so much. When I looked up the lyrics I got chills. You can listen here. I’d love to know whether it resonated with you. Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

About author

This article was written by Debbra

Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva of Akasha Unleashed, is a bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Akashic Records Expert. She specializes in helping highly conscious individuals connect with their inner wisdom and power to turn shortcomings into super powers, find their soul purpose, and create more meaningful lives. Her book Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to you can be found on Amazon.com (http://sei.im/akasha)


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