Encouragement Courtesy of A Singing Dragon – by Debbra Lupien

A channeled message from December 8, 2016.
In the United States, it was a time of great despair as our country took a giant leap backwards while darkness experienced a revival. Many celebrated, however, the sensitive grieved because we felt the dramatic shift into reverse.

When faced with challenges, the wise choice is to consult the Akasha, where all answers can be found. On this day, the answers were exactly the balm my soul was seeking.

Now, as we approach another election cycle and the promise of positive change is being dangled like the proverbial carrot, my guides have indicated it’s time to share this message with a wider audience.

May it bring hope, positive change, and spread like ripples in the pond across the world.

The message begins…

On this day the doors to my Akashic archive stand open in anticipation of my arrival. Most unusual portending an extra ordinary message.

There’s a very gold light, brilliant and dazzling, shining out. Not white gold, pure gold, angelic light.

The light fades revealing a stepping stone path across a small creek. I nimbly hop from stone to stone to reach the grassy bank on the other side.

The first thing I notice is a smattering of daisies growing around a big, luxurious tree. It’s fuzzy rather than leafy — a flame tree I think it’s called.

There’s something small at the base of the tree. I have to bend down and squint to make it out.

How delightful! It’s a tiny, fairy house built right into the base of the tree.

As soon as that thought is processed, like Alice in Wonderland, I’m sliding down a dark chute under the tree. It’s rather steep and I’m falling rapidly until at last I land, raising up a small poof of dust upon impact.

How interesting. The ground is drier than I would have expected. Off to the right is a tunnel with a tiny bit of light emanating from somewhere deep inside. Dusting myself off, I walk carefully toward the dim light.

The tunnel gradually grows wider until at last it opens up into a beautiful cavern where purple lights reflect off stones in the walls. In the center of the cavern is a circular reflecting pool surrounded by smooth, stone walls.

With a big splash, Henrietta, a large, very friendly, green dragon pops up out of the water gaily singing You ain’t never had a friend like me (the voice is actress Loretta Divine and the song is from the animated film Aladdin).

After a big finish, she leans down to peer into my face. Her eyebrows alternate up and down making goofy faces while she waits for a response. Finally I break out into a big grin at her silliness. That satisfies her and she pulls back with a beaming smile upon her face.

“Well it’s about time,” she titters. “Too much glumness not enough mirth. That’s what’s wrong with your world. All that gloominess spreading across the land. You’d think someone took away your birthday!”

As she reminds me of the darkness, the smile slides from my face. Henrietta is momentarily perplexed at reversing her efforts.

“Hmmph,” she says, and begins pacing around her pool. (It looks like pacing anyway.)

“Whatever shall we do about this? It is a complex problem requiring serious planning and consideration. This cannot stand. No it must not, shall not, stand!” Henrietta proclaims.

“This morass that is threatening to overtake so many fine people. No, uh uh, absolutely not! We must not give in to the darkness. We are stronger and will prevail, of that there is no question. Will it be painful? Of course isn’t life always a mix of pain and pleasure? How else would you learn? Never fear, the darkness will only last a short time before light once more breaks through and saturates each and every one of you with it’s healing power, filling you with hope and anticipation for what is yet to come. There’s always something more. Eons of this pattern repeating and thus it continues.”

“Ok,” I ask, “so what is the point?!”

“You do not see?” she exclaims in surprise. “You have so much yet to learn and that is the point. How are you to expand if you do not go through the trying times and test your mettle? We know that you have the fortitude to prevail, but you are not quite sure. This is about you learning how resilient you are, stretching you and testing your beliefs. It will cause you to examine what you believe to be true, to question, to reconsider, reevaluate and pontificate.”

“Pontificate?” I giggle quietly, “Ok…”

Henrietta continues: “Once you process this new input, you will catalog and examine the raw data to gain total understanding. From there you will strategize, plan and implement as you move forward in your determination to right the wrongs that have been done and set your apple cart upright once more.”

“It will take collective effort to be sure, but do not underestimate your role in all of this. Each one of you is every bit as important as every other cog in the wheel. You all together form the whole which will affect change. Do not forget it is your collective strength and purpose that will carry you through.”

I respond: “Ah, the collective, yes. Do you have any recommendation for how we go about forming a collective?”

Henrietta nods and says: “Reach out to one another. Form alliances. Be strategic. Be bold and hold to your purpose no matter what resistance you meet. Remember strength in numbers. Do not allow naysayers to dampen your enthusiasm nor commitment to purpose. There will be times when you will feel discouraged as if all hope is lost.”

“Do not give in to that despair. It is a lie! Stand up, dust yourself off and start moving forward in your purpose again. And again, and again, and again. As many times as it takes.”

“We do not promise that this will be a short-lived experience. As of now we cannot say how long it will last in your years. But we urge you to trust in your purpose and never, NEVER give up. That would be the end of you — metaphorically speaking. We do not want to see your bright light extinguished. Carry your banner high and proud. Move forward, always forward. We have your back today and every day. Lean on us. Cry out for us when you need shoring up. We are faithful and omnipresent. Your cause is our cause. So it is and so it shall ever be unto eternity. Amen and amen.”

With heartfelt gratitude I reply: “Thank you Henrietta. That will take some serious contemplation. Please know that I am incredibly grateful for your wisdom and insight and your concern for our well being. I appreciate you so much.”

Henrietta bows her head slightly, waves farewell then sinks down into the water disappearing from sight.

The message is complete.

There is a great deal of symbology in this message. If it resonates, you may wish to spend some time in contemplation allowing a deeper meaning to reveal itself.

Afterwards, I invite you to read my interpretation. Contrast and compare perspectives. Is there more yet to be gleaned? Then please share. I’d love to hear your takeaways. You just might produce a new piece of the puzzle that leads to greater enlightenment.



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