Every Child a Reader – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Reading cannot only be fun but also something healthy!  Back in 1999, The Association of American Publishers launched National Get Caught Reading Month. Celebrated every May, the aim was to help children through the sharing of early language experiences. This would help their brains develop quicker, thus offering them the opportunity for a brighter future. These days, the guardianship of this program is being handled by Every Child a Reader http://www.everychildareader.net. Along with the support of the Children’s Book Council http://www.cbcbooks.org the aim is to inspire a life-long love of reading in young people of all ages.

So, how can you participate? Read to a child too young to read for themselves. Read with a child, allowing them to shine as they share their progress. Supply a young person with a book or if you are a children’s book author, perhaps donate some of your books to a school, shelter, or local library. You can visit the links listed above for more ways to contribute to the organizations who foster the connection between young people and reading all year long.

Get involved. Be a proactive part of broadening the horizons of a child. Realize the value of literacy and reach out to other adults to involve them on a level that works for them, such as volunteering locally or even reading to their own children more often.

This is an opportunity to make this world a better place. Be an example by letting a young person catching you in the act of reading. Keep it up until every child is a reader!


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