Finding the Fountain of Youth – by Annette Rochelle Aben

As I was growing up, I used to hear people say, “Well, you learn something new, every day.” Of course, it generally followed an “ah-ha” moment for them and was a pretty clever way of them owning their humility by admitting they didn’t know everything there was to know. Naturally, I didn’t appreciate any of it until I reached an age when everyone expected I should pretty much know everything. After all, what are people in my age bracket doing on this earth if not to be a reputable source of wisdom and knowledge! How happy was I, now that I had everything all figured out!

Funny thing, I may have thought that way a decade ago but now, I would rather think that there is quite a bit I have yet to learn. Believing that somehow, I had it all figured out did me some real harm over the years. Wanting to think that I was the complete source of knowledge for most things, held me back from seeking help when it was necessary. Oh boy, could it be that this line of thinking was teaching me something I didn’t know?  Oh yeah, baby!

Recently, I decided to look at life through the eyes of innocence, the eyes of one who wasn’t quite sure that what they were seeing what it was what they were seeing. I decided to put myself in the role of someone who had a lot to learn and guess what happened? I became happier! By embracing the idea that I could learn something new every day, I found a world of excitement I had long forgotten existed.

As a small child, I was part of that world and it seemed natural. Everyone else my size/age was in the same boat and as such, we all played off each other’s experiences. Sometimes it was annoying to not get it figured out right away but that was part of the growing process. The catch was, that we were assured there would be a time when we would come full circle because we were full of it! (there’s a bit of humor in there, somewhere)

The down side to going around life in a circle is that you never get anywhere because are always moving in a continuous loop. Not much else gets in and certainly nothing can get out. Stagnation occurs and soon, we begin rotting from the inside. Eww!  I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound too appealing.

Perhaps what each of us might want to consider is that every day is an opportunity to learn something we have never known. That there is genuine fun is the process of discovery. That we are naturally curious beings who need to keep ourselves actively seeking answers. This may be the fountain of youth, living in the mystery of it all!  To looking forward to learning something new, every day!!

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