Gabriel And The Oracle – by Debbra Lupien

This is an account of an early excursion into the Akashic Records circa 2014. The messages were shorter back then, but nevertheless powerful.

The Excursion Begins

At the entrance to the Records on this day stand massive white glowing doors.

They open slowly allowing a brilliant, white/gold light to spill out. There’s a sacred feeling about this particular archive as if it’s an entrance to the heavenly realm.

The floor is polished marble, which effortlessly carries the echo of my footsteps down the long corridor.

The next thing I notice is the sound of running water in the distance.

Moving further along the corridor, the source of the sound is revealed to be a decorative waterfall. It’s artfully built right into the wall. Impressive!

The sound of falling water creates a tranquil, exquisitely peaceful atmosphere with an hypnotic quality. It subtly alters the energy creating a feeling of walking on air. I’m now effortlessly floating onward through the archive.

A short distance later I encounter Archangel Gabriel who is to be the guide on this trip. He smiles and wordlessly beckons me forward. Together we travel deeper into the records. No clue yet what we’re looking for or where we’re headed, but obviously Gabriel has a plan.

At the end of yet another long corridor we encounter a solid, wooden, door. There are no markings it’s just plain wood. Nothing to indicate what lies beyond. A brief moment later the door quietly swings open, seemingly inviting us to enter.

Gabriel and I pass through the doorway where we observe a pale pink sky, with warm yellow accents. Surveying the landscape we see lush trees surrounding a babbling brook (which “coincidentally” sounds just like the waterfall fountain).

Bright green grass lines a masterfully laid stone path. Alongside the brook grow lovely flowers with an intoxicating perfume. We follow the path down a slight hill past cheerfully chirping Robins perched in the branches of trees.

It’s a lovely, springtime vignette.

Where is this leading, I wonder? What is the significance? If taken at face value it would seem to be about the promise of the spring cycle beginning. Surely there’s more? The vision has been too elaborate up to this point to be that simple.

I turn to Gabriel for insight. He smiles and points to a spot further ahead, then he departs, leaving me to continue alone.

Walking on in the direction he indicated, a small structure, much like a hut, comes into view. The walls are stone lined creating a cool interior, and there are gorgeous stained glass windows. It has the look and feel of a sanctuary.

In the center of the room there is a stone altar with a number of heavy looking wooden benches.

Considering the hushed atmosphere, I decide to take a seat while waiting for what comes next.

After the briefest of moments a brilliant light pierces the roof, shining down upon the altar. Within the light is a large face (reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz). It’s like a giant holographic oracle has been beamed into the sanctuary.

The features are somewhat blurred but it’s clear this is the messenger today.

A male voice booms out from the holograph “Thank you for coming. Today is a fine day for a conversation. Any day is a fine day for a conversation. Do you have a question?”

“I’m here on behalf of a friend. Do you have a message for her?” I inquire.

We appreciate the path that she has chosen. More importantly her soul is alight with the rightness of her choice. It did not come all at once but she has moved into alignment with what she came to this life to do.

Seeking enlightenment is the ultimate endeavor of the soul. She has learned much already and we see that she has many delightful discoveries ahead.

Each day of connection raises her vibration and brings her closer to the divine. It can be a heady experience so we encourage her to remain firmly grounded while she is in this physical form.

Sipping the nectar of the Gods can become addictive and one must remember that it is to be reserved for special occasions, lest one slip entirely out of their physical form before they are ready.

Remain grounded and level headed, stay balanced and focused. It is not yet time to become ethereal. There is much progress that lies ahead. Her happiness increases her vibration, which in turn strengthens our connection to her. This is good and pleasing to all here who are witness to her evolution.

“Anything else you want to share?” I ask.

There is always more to share. For now that is sufficient. If she has questions we are always here to answer. But she should know that what we have to say may not always be what she is expecting. The path of the soul takes many twists and turns and sometimes the unexpected is what is required for the next stage of growth.

At this point the archive doors closed signaling the conclusion of the message.


This was a fairly unusual message so I was quite curious to hear what my friend had to say.

She confirmed that indeed she had been spending a lot of time in meditation. The more she did it the more she wanted to. If she was being totally honest it had begun to infringe upon real life. There was probably an element of escapism as well.

She totally connected with the message and promised to work on finding more balance so that she could make the most of her current life experience rather than wishing it away prematurely. So while it was a short message it was quite impactful.

Balance in all things is a theme that recurs in many messages. It’s one we would all do well to practice.

~  ~  ~

 Are you curious about the sort of answers that come from the Akashic Records? You might enjoy this video. It’s a good sampling of questions and answers. Perhaps the answer to a question you’ve been wondering about.

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