Giving Thanks for the Months of BER – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Ah yes, we are in the second half of the months of BER. You know, those months that show up in September and hang out with us through the end of December? Yeah, the months of BER!

Each of those months adds a little something special to our lives. September helps us ease out of summer and into autumn. October kicks off the season of the “sweet tooth” with Halloween. And of course, December keeps us thinking of days gone by as each day goes by leading up to the new year. So, does this mean that November is a turkey? (just a little humor there) Of course not, November has the dubious honor of helping us honor all the little things in life. It is no longer a month in which Thanksgiving occurs, it is now a n entire month of giving thanks!

Some folks challenge themselves to find something every day for which to be thankful. They will fill their social media with posts, hang signs around their work places and be generally more reflective on “how good they have it!” More than any of the other BER months, humility, humanity and genuine gratitude abound.

One might even say that November is the most powerful BER month of all, giving us the opportunity to choose to live in peace and harmony each and every day! This is energy we can carry with us as we move out of the BER months and move throughout the year ahead. November gives us a running start.

So, if you seem to be stuck one day, for something to be grateful for, you can always be grateful for the months of BER, especially November!

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