Going Om – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Back in the day, when I first began a journey of spiritual awakening, I learned about something called a CHAKRA. As it was explained to me, a chakra is an energy entrance point for our bodies. In Sanskrit, the word chakra translates as wheel or disc. I was taught to imagine that these wheels were spinning and that spinning charkas were a good thing.

My spiritual friends shared with me the different rituals they used to keep themselves aligned with open, freely spinning chakras. Some used meditation, others used visualization and still others combined one of the aforementioned with yoga. I found that visualization and sometimes, guided meditation or chanting, worked best for me.

What I also found was that there was validity to the entire premise and practice of working with the chakras. The times I was vigilant in my routine, I could feel the growing strength and stability within my energy. Conversely, the times I let things slide, I would notice a definite slump. Naturally, I didn’t always attribute the slump to a lack of chakra connection. When I would take a chance that this was indeed the case, I would see positive results upon returning to the routine of visualizing those puppies spinning freely!

The whole idea was to keep my life balanced. Sometimes I would feel as though I wasn’t able to speak my truth, which would indicate that my throat chakra was not functioning properly. If I was shutting out love, chances were that my heart chakra was shutting down as well. I even noticed that my financial situation was compromised when my root chakra was not spinning freely.

As I have noticed several areas of my life to be a bit off kilter, I am choosing to get back into the groove again by working with my chakra energies. Back in the day, I found a cool magazine article that suggested using the voice to chant along with the visualization. I liked it then, so I decided to incorporate it into my ritual now. I visualize the colors staring at the bottom and working my way to the top and chant the words assigned to each chakra. There are times I do this sitting in a chair, in a quiet space, but my favorite way, is to do this just before falling asleep or before getting out of bed in the morning. Which basically means, I am in bed.

 Isn’t this cool? Of course! It is color coded for each of the chakras (which helps in the visualization) and the sounds are easy to make. When I do this, I can feel myself resonating with each syllable. My goal, is to feel these resonating energies within each of the corresponding chakras. When this happens, I know that I am aligned.

I’d love to hear about how you align your chakras. Perhaps you have found different chanting words. Maybe you don’t chant at all and prefer to use a silent method. If it works for you, then it’s all good. After all, we’re all on the journey of going om!

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