Holonity – The sense of warmth – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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In this series about the senses, we will now explore the sense of warmth. Many people limit the sensing activities to five senses, but it is easy to understand that we perceive temperature too.
This is a sense that also applies to the inter-human realms. You can sense the warmth or coldness from another person.

 Also in the animal kingdom relating to cold blooded animals has not the same quality of cosiness as with the higher developed warm blooded fur animals.

The sense of warmth is different to the sense of touch in the sense that it makes you in contact with something deeper than the skin or surface. You get closer to the heart of the other person. Heat radiates from the inside out through the surface.

If you sit in meditation and have reached a level of harmony in your body and a feeling of unity of every part or cell in your body, you can start to feel the energy enveloping and penetrating through every aspect of your body. As you expand your awareness to transcend the limits of the skin and you try so sense what is around you from within, the feeling of the warmth your body emanates is the first step.

This sense is not so well developed in children yet and we need to protect them from getting cold and blue when they swim or run out in winter with hardly any clothes.

If they get too cold they can get a cold or a flu, which makes the body respond with a fever. This is a beautiful response of care from the immune system and is also an important element of evolution and growth. It is such a pity that so many people use medications to stop or reduce fever. It is so rare that is necessary.
We have lost the trust in nature and the connection with its warm protective love.

After a fever a child often matures, grows and even the emaciation is a sign of the child changing its inherited body and making it more of its own.

Jesus said: I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. What does this mean? Earth and air are not helping you. Earth is a symbol of material possession and air is the mind and intellect. Water is your feelings and spirit is the fire that inspires you. Inspiration and love transforms you so you can grow and evolve. To reach heaven or the kingdom of God you need to grow to transform and evolve.

The fire of a fever is a blessing that helps us transform, the fire of the heart of another human being is the same.
Love and care helps us connect together and become aware of a common ground a bigger unit, a bigger whole or holon. When we are acting out of the best for all, out of the love of the others we are in touch with the bigger good, we have a higher degree of holonity.

The love and care we show our children giving them warm slippers indoors or warm socks and warm mittens or thin soft wool underwear when it is cold outside is developing their ability to give warmth one day to others. When we warm their souls with a nice meal, a nice surprise, a cup of hot chocolate we develop their love towards others.

We need to warm the cold hearts so they can open their doors. Closing the doors towards them has no use since their door is to closed to feel that.

Take the opportunity to look at others with unconditional love, to relate to others with unconditional positive regard and leave others with a heart that is gloving just a bit more than before they met you. Feeling accepted, seen, respected as the person they are about to become.

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