How Beautiful De Feet – by Annette Rochelle Aben

What part of a human body that most people would agree they dislike? Their feet! Not because of what the feet do for us but because of their looks. True stuff here. Most people would rather hide their feet in shoes, socks or slippers than to allow their tootsies to be visible.

On the other side of this thought are those who spend time and money to celebrate their feet. Hours in the pedicure chair at their local salons having their feet soaked, scrubbed, massaged and eventually the nails trimmed and painted. In the fancier places, there can be alcoholic drinks and canapes served whilst the technician delivers a four-star treatment to your feet.

It’s funny, because we, as a species, do NOT have the ugliest feet on the planet. Have you checked the webbed walkers of water fowl? Or flat, round bottoms of an elephant’s legs? Maybe you’d rather swap your appendages for the talons of a bird of prey? And who wouldn’t want the soft, furry, totally key chainable rabbit’s foot? (no need to contact animal rights groups here as I have never owned a rabbit’s foot keychain) But you get the point, right? I mean, we could have it much worse.

I also find it amusing that we will go through time, torture and cash to remedy many other body parts that offend us, but not feet. People have the fat from their butts, pumped into their lips to create a sexier pout. Women will have bags of only partially defined substance inserted into their chest to improve their silhouette. We’ll re-sculpt our noses, have ribs removed and tuck-in our tummies in the name of looking better. Yet, I have never heard of there being such measures taken with our feet. Yes, back in the day, women in countries I have never visited, would have their feet bound, to keep the feet from becoming full grown. This was most painful and was probably not the choice of the females whose feet were bound.

So, what’s with our feet anyway? They deserve our highest respect and regard. These humble body parts are a couple of our hardest working. They tote us from space to space and sometimes while crammed into coverings we are wearing simply because the coverings are attractive. We step on objects that cut the bottoms of our feet wide open. We smash our toes into furniture AND if we don’t’ groom them properly, we end up with ingrown toe nails and those HURT! (gee, do you think I speak from experience here) We blame them for being cold at night in bed and curse them for being stinky, and sweaty when we take all the coverings off at the end of the day. We growl at the shapes of our toes and despair at fallen arches. Honestly, it’s a wonder our feet don’t need counseling!

If we treated our friends like we treated our feet, we’d soon run out of friends. No friend would stand for being treated like an enemy and hidden most of the time to avoid the embarrassment of having admit you are connected. So, here’s a radical thought. Why not treat our feet like friends? Find their best qualities and ways to ignore those that aren’t up to par. If your friends were having a bad day, you’d console them somehow. If your friends were doing the best they could, you’d praise their efforts. And if someone else was picking on your friends, you’d jump to their defense! If your friends were under the weather, you’d find a way to help them return to better health!

Perhaps, this is the answer to our fretting. Maybe, we’d feel better about our feet if we made friends with them. Sure, we might still have moments where we roll our eyes in frustration when we see a toe poking through a sock or wince when we attempt to squeeze our size 8’s into a hot little 7, but we can exhale and choose the kinder route. Our feet depend on us to see to it they are safe, secure and steady. When we do our part, they will be able to do theirs. They’ll make us proud, support us wherever we go and complain so little, it makes us want to continue to respond in kind. What beautiful feet we have!

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This article was written by Annette Rochelle Aben

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  1. Kishan Takahashi says - Posted: May 8, 2018

    Thank you and what an interesting piece, I now love my feet even more. It’s funny how we never take into consideration what our body’s have to endure to maintain the regular course of events we achieve on a daily bases.
    We never really appreciate anything fully till it’s gone or broken within us either.
    Thank you for this inspiring and enlightening article.
    ❤️ From South Wales Uk my friend.

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