How to Change Daydreams of Writing into Reality – by Mary Lou Stark

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It’s a beautiful spring day. The birds are chirping. The squirrels are scurrying. A day to step outside your regular routine and treat yourself to some time at a local park.

Peaceful, calm, a perfect day to start that new book or start a new daydream.

This could be the day you combine the two – give substance to your daydream of writing your own book.

  • You have a drawer full of journals from your travels.
  • You have collected a multitude of household tips and stories to go with most of them.
  • You have traced your family tree back to members of a wagon train headed to Idaho.

Deep in your heart you realize this is the time to explore that daydream.

How to get started.

An easy way to start is to get a stack of 3×5 cards. Put a different thought or concept on each card. Don’t try to make sense of them yet. Just keep filling out cards.

Do this for five to ten minutes over five days.

Then sit down and group similar concepts together.

  • If working with your travels you could find yourself sorting by the places you visited or by the lessons you learned.
  • If household tips, the sorting could be by room or by season of the year.
  • And the family journey through the years could be chronological or by family traits that re-appear in different generations.

As you sort your cards you will begin to see one or more ways to organize your book.

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