How to create a magic new year – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Life is full of cycles. The day, month and year are all determined by the movements of the Earth, Moon and the Sun.
All cycles have a beginning, a growth, a maximum, a decline and an end. We are now starting a new year and new beginnings. Let it be a magic beginning by giving it the little extra.

 Give the new start a magic impact, make a ceremony of magic to enhance your aspirations.

Make sure to find a place where you will not be disturbed. It could be late or in a closed room, or in a secluded space in nature or early early morning.

Create a magic circle. Either you can use a rope, or place some stones or even gemstones in a circle. If you have a fixed centre, that can be removed after, you just fix a rope to it and move it around in a circle either to place the stones or to adjust the other rope to make the circle as perfect as possible. You can also make a pentagram if you have five stones to give it force or a heptagram if you have seven to create harmony.

If there are things you want to eliminate from your life you can use a picture, drawing or paper were you write some key words that represent that thing. This are things you keep outside the circle at a distance and the best is if you can burn the paper before you start as a symbol of what has ended in your life and then you move on to entering the circle as a step into the new.

Inside the circle you place symbols of what you want to be part of your life in the next year or the rest of your life.

You can dress up to make it more sacred, you can wash yourself or even take a shower to strengthen the energy and make it pure. You can also use incense or music to enhance the ceremony if you like.

Make it a ritual to enter the circle by being prepared and imagine you enter into a different state, going through a gate and into a new world by using the power of your mind and soul. There are no limits of space nor time for your mind and soul.

Feel the protection and the well defined state created by the circle and your mind. This kind of circles work. You will find a link in the bottom of the article that explains that.

You can do a ritualistic motion with your body or arms and hands if you like. It could be the sign of the cross, making a circle, drawing a pentagram with your pointed index finger. The important factor is to align the intention or meaning with your emotions and the movement you make to make it magic.

When you finish you state the manifestation by saying; “So be it” 3 times. Then you leave the circle and put things back.

Feel determined of the power of your action and you have created a magic beginning of a new cycle.
Whenever you want you can connect in your mind with the state you created inside the circle going back to it in your memory or just repeat the ceremony.

Let the Magic Happen Now!

If you want to know more about the power of The Magic circle you can read more here we have explored it with a blinded experiment.

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