How to reap what you have sowed -by Rhea Dopmeijer

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How to reap what you have sowed

My Love is carrying you through and

Will assist you in every challenge you encounter

If any is certain it is my Love for You

It is the only way your Heart will know ME,

And the only way to remember your connection

With your original state.

You are formed from the same energy

As I Am

You are essential in our experience

As a united family of souls

Your human experience will assist the whole

Because your challenge is the birthing

Of new energy in the evolution of our souls

As a council we are every step of the way

Surrounding you with our loving support

To let you know

You are never alone and loved beyond comparison

I AM your deepest connection with your soul

And am your shield as well your projector

To assist every way you are in need for

In any given situation or challenge.

I AM your deepest core of Love

You will find me in the silence of your Heart

Within the space between your breath

As intimate you can imagine to be

You are expressing the most highest Love

Within your human being

Internalizing the highest vibration

You can hold in your physical body.

You will need time to recuperate

In order to be able to hold this high frequency.

You will be the key to teach compassion

Love and kindness with every interaction.

In service of the highest good for all

You will be a light no matter where you will go

Master in your own unique way

All you need to do is belief and have faith

Trust your inner knowledge and wisdom

For this will show you the way you will address

Any challenge or experience you will encounter

Your inner wisdom is deep and profound

And will enable others to learn and grow

To see their own inner truth

The inner connection each spark of creation

With their own knowledge and wisdom

I AM with you in every challenge

And every step along the way, wherever you might

Find yourself during this journey.

Master of your own creation in compassion

And loving kindness, you will walk in grace

Through this planet and will be the mirror

Reflection for everyone who is ready

To encounter their own I AM within


So it will BE done


High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 14-2-2016

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About author

This article was written by Rhea Dopmeijer

Spiritual advisor, Kundalini Reiki Master, Coach and Counselor, Energetic Therapist, Empath, Social Worker, Shaumbra I have been working as a social worker in shelters for battered women, nursing homes, psychiatry and hospital for almost 20 years. I am a Social Worker specialized in Women’s therapy. This included the area of sexual, environmental, cultural as well religious trauma. I LOVE sharing wisdom, insights, and tools that are shared here to illuminate esoteric knowledge in simple and in down-to-earth terms that quickly make Mystical Masters out of anyone. My unique style I created a Heartfelt platform which is focusing on healing Self and has been created to inspire to change your life. It offers a place for you to grow your spirit . I can tune in and offer the necessary tools that are helpful in the journey we call live in order to grow and heal to become the best you can be. “I belong to no religion. My religion is love. Every heart is my temple” - Rumi I have been working with clients in the several different settings in my work over the years. I work most of all individual through counselling and chats. The main theme in working with groups are about the different roles we learned to play growing up. Healing of the Inner Child is one of the most important areas I am working on with the client. You can follow me on my Blog What is Love (link is external) for inspirational messages. Twitter (link is external)


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