i-Comfortable Victim a novel based on true events – by Annette

Through the art of story-telling, Attorney, Author, Founder, Motivational Speaker, Advocate Against Abuse, Victoria E. Broussard, Esq. presents i-Comfortable Victim, a novel based on true events. What you need to know right from the start is that this is based on the author’s personal experiences and as such provides the ability for the reader to relate to the fictional character of Saxxine De La Croix on a heart level. Yes the true events that inspired the book are repeated childhood sexually abuse however this book does more than simply take us through that journey by allowing us to see beneath the façade of the “victim” once they have become an adult.

 Saxxine De La Croix does become a very successful adult and to the outside world everything appears to be business as usual but when Saxxine had to face the world behind the façade herself, the journey within the journey begins.  This book will not only take you on a journey of a woman’s life but it will take YOU on journey through your own morality.

Able to convey her message without resorting to the shock value of overly explicit descriptions, Broussard is to be commended for her presentation.  One can tell that the author is adept at expressing herself in a way that addresses not only the message but how she intends for the listener to receive the information; a hallmark of a genuine story-teller as well as a talented attorney.

annette05Visit www.icomfortablevictim.com for more information on not only the book but to connect with the author’s non-profit organization, B’yond the Unveiling dedicated to the rights of childhood sexual abuse survivors.




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