I See You When I See You – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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From stardust we are made and the soul is on its journey again

Leaving its trail and footprints where the experiences took him.

The physical suffering as a way of learning how to shed of

The last lingering burdens that were still to be addressed

Clearing and cleaning down the basement so to speak

Where no one wants to set foot for it holds to much fear

There you will find your greatest treasure

By going down deep within and being assisted in

Breaking it down to the ground in order to rebuild again.

With every step you took you showed how much courage

And determination it took to go forward every time.

At times it was too hard to handle the loss of ability and

Loss of independency till you returned to being completely

Depending on assistance for every little wish you had.

This was your destiny to find the balance within again,

Being a silent warrior you choose to be.

The physical may not exist any longer,

The essence of your soul and your expression of self

Has left a print within everyone you have met.

All limitations you had during this lifetime

Are vanished the minute you left your physical body.

So communication is no longer an issue, language is

No longer a problem, and understanding is going to be easy.

For us to hear you speaking to us from heart to heart,

Will be like telepathic communion as well understanding

You now will have the overview, so every act on this plane

Will have its counterpart in the other field as well.

It is not about walking my life alone, for I never will be

Without you by my side.

You have been my guide and rock for all these years

So no need to change any other interaction between us.

I still can rely and trust on your judgement as well

Your loving energy surrounding me with so much

Tenderness and care, in every breath I take

There will I find you, as close to my heart as ever.

My brave and bold warrior you no longer have to fight

And for that I am grateful.

For as you have been told, you were to be broken

Down to the ground in order to be rebuild in love,

So your souls experience will be for the highest good.

All I need to do is to step aside, in order to connect

And speak from heart to heart, for that is the only

Place we always found our common ground.

You are taking it up to the next level in our

Lifetime relationship and by doing so,

You are uplifting me as well at the same time.

And so it will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 25-3-2016

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This article was written by Rhea Dopmeijer

Spiritual advisor, Kundalini Reiki Master, Coach and Counselor, Energetic Therapist, Empath, Social Worker, Shaumbra I have been working as a social worker in shelters for battered women, nursing homes, psychiatry and hospital for almost 20 years. I am a Social Worker specialized in Women’s therapy. This included the area of sexual, environmental, cultural as well religious trauma. I LOVE sharing wisdom, insights, and tools that are shared here to illuminate esoteric knowledge in simple and in down-to-earth terms that quickly make Mystical Masters out of anyone. My unique style I created a Heartfelt platform which is focusing on healing Self and has been created to inspire to change your life. It offers a place for you to grow your spirit . I can tune in and offer the necessary tools that are helpful in the journey we call live in order to grow and heal to become the best you can be. “I belong to no religion. My religion is love. Every heart is my temple” - Rumi I have been working with clients in the several different settings in my work over the years. I work most of all individual through counselling and chats. The main theme in working with groups are about the different roles we learned to play growing up. Healing of the Inner Child is one of the most important areas I am working on with the client. You can follow me on my Blog What is Love http://rheadopmeijer.wordpress.com/ (link is external) for inspirational messages. Twitter https://twitter.com/rheadop (link is external) https://www.facebook.com/highselfinspiration/ https://www.facebook.com/highselfinspiration/


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