Infinite Possibility – by Heather P Smith

“Possibility” is one of my favorite words in the English language! The other word I love to put with it is “infinite”…..ahh, “infinite possibility,” just saying it puts a smile on my face.

Some tips for inviting and increasing the infinite possibilities:

  • Do you ever find yourself trying to figure out how to get what you would like to have as a possibility, to become possible? Infinite possibility is not logical –  this just means you are never going to figure out your way to possibility. What if you never have to figure out what it takes to get to those infinite possibilities, EVER.
  • What if you can invite infinite possibilities simply by your request? YES, ask! Ask: What else is possible? Allow. Go about your life, let the universe rearrange itself to deliver what you have requested.
  • The magic of you is your dreams, your desires, your ask for more, for different for impossible. You NEVER have to know how. You just have to ask, “what will it take?”…and again, this you also don’t have to answer or figure out, let the universe show you.
  • The magic is you don’t have to have a reason or justification for choosing or allowing infinite possibility into your life. The universe is so prolifically abundant with infinite possibilities it never run out and it does not need a reason to give you what you ask for. The universe likes you.
  • No special circumstance, no ritual, form, structure or significance required. Simply your request. Would you allow your life to become that ease filled?
  • The infinite possibilities you request will never show up how you think they will or should. Would you be willing to allow for the magic of the entire universe to deliver GREATER than you can currently imagine? In way you have not been able to come up with on your own? What if the universe also has your back?
  • What if time was NOT a relevant factor? Infinite possibilities will not show up when you think they should or would like them to – yet the universe is working diligently to deliver and will deliver when it is able. When you stop being patient with whatever it will take for what you are asking for to show up, you slow down or stop the delivery process.
  • “Seeing” what is possible is the smallest version of possibility available to you. What if your awareness is greater? Your natural capacity to be aware is what accesses the infinite possibilities actually available to you. What if you never have to “see” how the infinite possibilities will become possible for them to show up?
  • The less defined your request is, the greater the possibility can be. “What else is possible” can be applied to any area of your life. It is an open question that allows the universe to come up with the truly great possibilities you could have.

What is truly not possible for others might be possible for you. What infinite possibilities do you have available that other people do not? Would you allow yourself to have them? What would you ask for that other people wouldn’t dream of? Would you be willing to gift you and the entire world with your requests?

“A question creates choices. Choices create possibilities. Possibilities allow the universe to contribute to you.” – Gary M Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness

If you could ask anything, what would you ask?

If you could choose anything, what would you choose?

What if you have infinite question, infinite choice and infinite possibility available every moment of every day? They don’t expire, they don’t run out…always more infinite possibility, yours to ask for and have.

Enjoy the new year, enjoy the infinite possibilities you truly have and are!


Infinite Possibility

About author

This article was written by Heather P Smith

#1 best selling author, facilitator, CFMW, online radio show host, speaker, Cherokee, infinite being. I have always been an adventurer and seeker with the insatiable curiosity of wondering "what else is possible I never considered?" The magic of living on this beautiful planet, with a body to play with, the joy of infinite choice to be had and this reality to create - I wonder what could take all of us beyond what we considered possible for healing, uplifting and changing what does not work? "I can't" has never been real to me. "What will it take?" is what I live by. I look forward to playing with you in the infinite possibilities of having, choosing, creating, inviting and allowing the greatness of you and me and all of us. What gift and capacity for greatness are you, that you have never allowed yourself to acknowledge? I look forward to finding out with you! Heather P Smith is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and published Author. Heather has worked with a variety of different energy modalities for over twenty-one years. Using the transformation of energies in her body and life to heal herself of Asthma; she knows from her own life experience the power of choice and question to transform what most people consider unchangeable.


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