It’s spooky by David Wood Review – by Aeson Knight

David Wood is a mainstream recording artist based in Columbus, Ohio. His music has been described by local media as the POP/Dance Alternative with a dash of Soul.
The music of David Wood often hits home with his blend of upbeat POP music and ballads. His latest song, ‘It’s Spooky’, touches on a deeper subject than the normal ‘love and fun’ connection that many other mainstream music stations seem to12049527_1002033076485983_8941949707512442012_n dump into our car radios. I feel it goes deeper into understanding how some relationships tend to leave battle scars which future relationships have to work past. In an interview in late October Mr. Wood shared that the song was about an abusive relationship that he had with a music manger early in his career and how it left scars that other relationships would have to work past. Abuse in itself and in any form leaves that terror in your heart. Even basic smells or just sounds will bring one back to the same position or fear and terror. This song plays out as if David is still working it out in his mind as to why he still carries these scars and fears; Questioning why this person who has luckily left his life and career is still haunting him.

What I find very impressive with this single is it does not come off as having a hate filled or mean tone of “look at what you did to me?” or “how could you do this to me?” It is more so the aftermath, after the anger and shame are gone, leaving only the fear and pain of the past behind. Mr. Wood seems to show that even after years have gone by that people who suffer abuse are never the same whether it be from a parent, a romantic partner or perhaps even . . . substance abuse? After such an experience the sting will still be there haunting the person; A reopening of wounds each time that area of your life is rebirthed like a bad dream. I believe that this song will long outlive the normal life of a song because it expresses the true pain of the abuse. Again, it does not come from a point during the abuse, but years after, with the haunting fears and returned memories decades later.

Mr. Wood has been known to write music that talks about real life. From his earlier music such examples would include, ‘March On!’, from the album: Scrapbook – talking about the early fight for gay rights. Following in later years his single and video, ‘Put the Bottle Down’, speaks about the battle of alcoholism. Each song reflects a part of a person’s soul and touches that deep place that one may keep hidden from the world.
David has a large catalog of music that speaks of the everyday life of a person. While I understand that some songs are a fun romp, I have found my favorites to be the ones that have more than a dash of deepness like ‘It’s Spooky” as it has a complete picture of a soul that just reaches out and touches yours, letting you know that you are not the only one that carries those hidden scars.

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Review by Aeson Knight

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