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There is a famous quote that says that women are much like tea bags because you don’t know how strong they are until they are in hot water.  I imagine this is what the heroine of the debut novel by Cym Lowell discovered as she endured Jaspar’s War. While there are as many sub plots in this thriller it begins with one strong scenario: a pampered socialite, married to the United States Secretary of the Treasury, has her life turned upside down when she finds out her husband’s government jet has crashed, her children have vanished and that she has been tagged as the key player in the whole drama. As the sub plots unfold, Jaspar’s journey to rescue her children takes so many seemingly strange twists and turns that putting this whole thing together appears as intricately connected as a three tier, 3D jigsaw puzzle. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s actually part of the charm of a story that is anything other than charming.

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Jaspar Moran finds herself relying on her faith and lifelong friends who, in turn, put her life and the lives of her children into the hands of their lifelong friends. From the flight out of the United States to the final scene in the Italian countryside, Jaspar is paired with Nul, a man as complex, mysterious and intriguing as the tale itself. Details of his life are revealed with each new character he introduces our heroine to and as such, he closes the gap of actual degrees of separation between himself and Jaspar. One other most remarkable player in this theatre of the mind is Alice. I will say nothing more here, you’ll have to read Jaspar’s War to understand what I mean. Of course there are several important, memorable characters you will meet in addition to Jaspar, Nul and Alice but is how these three work like such a well-oiled machine that carries the story.

There is plenty of financial super-power scandal, underworld intrigue, international flavor, violence and even sex, everything you would expect from an exhilarating, page-turning adventure story set in such modern times, that in many ways, it could have very well been taken from yesterday’s headlines. That should give one pause. I’ll be curious to see if he is going to produce a sequel (which the end of the book leaves the door wide open for) or if there might actually be a movie deal somewhere down the road. Yes, the story and all the action components would make a huge impression on the silver screen.

For his first novel, Lowell has brought a lifetime of personal, and professional dynamics to play here.  He is a father, has traveled extensively, served the United States in the military, and is an international tax attorney with 40 years of respected experience in his field.  Be sure to visit his website, http://www.cymlowell.com for more information on Jaspar’s War as well as to stay updated on future projects.

100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the book, Jaspar’s War are being donated to an initiative Lowell founded to serve U.S. military war heroes, Operation: Next ChapterOPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER is working with Soldier’s Angels Project: Valour-IT to provide voice controlled, adaptive laptops for military personnel who have lost the use of their hands.  You can actually make your own donation by following one of these links: http://soldiersangels.org/donate.html or go directly to PayPal at http://goo.gl/GQnYdV and be sure to note in the comment area that your donation is for OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER.

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