Let go! Say thank you! – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Thank you, ….. thank you, ….. thank you
This is the mantra of a group of monks that like to take the perspective that everything is GOD. All they encounter in life is just GOD reflecting back to them what they need to become completed in his image or after his likeness.
It is all coming from his love and care as well as deep understanding and wisdom. GOD is omnipotent, allmighty or The All.

Sometimes you need some suffering to mold into a better shape, some struggling to become stronger, some embarrassment to be less preoccupied about yourself imagine, some confrontation to be more self-assertive, some grief to become more sensitive etc etc.
You get what you need out of love and wisdom so that you can take your next step.

You can just let go of others, do not blame them, they are there for you to learn your lesson. They are the tools of GOD or the Universal wisdom and love if you like.

When somebody gives you trouble, just ask yourself which virtues can I cultivate from this? People around you that lie cultivate truth in you. People that hate, cultivate love in you. People that do stupid things, cultivate wisdom in you.

Egoistic people that try to steal things from you can be a gift of you caring more for the close ones in your life or you taking care of your inner treasures and even be more generous or letting go of possessions.
People that behave towards you with no regard can cultivate sensitivity in you.
People that are clinging and demanding can learn you to cut ties and move on.
People that blame you or judge you can create and inner love and acceptance of the person you are and a priority of who you regard as truly a close friend.
People that speak badly about you can do the same and also create a strength in what you believe in.
People that are violent towards you can create a feeling of self-respect and self-worth needed to put a stop to their actions.
Some people, like narcissists live for your attention, they can learn you to be tentative to your own life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The magic happens now!

Picture; courtesy of the world famous artist Vebjørn Sand: En liten fiskermunk

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