Let’s Compare Cosmologies: A Review of 1000 Keys to the Truth – by Hercules Invictus

Nada-Yolanda and El Morya (aka Mark Age) began their public mission in 1960 by establishing the Mark-Age organization and systematically actualizing plans laid milleniums ago by the Hierarchal Board of our Solar System to help this planet’s denizens awaken to their divine heritage and ascend to fourth dimensional consciousness.

The Mark-Age material, a vast collection of channeled messages lovingly recorded and patiently transcribed over the past sixty plus years, is a resource of incalculable worth to any and all whose life-work is dedicated to the spiritual growth and evolution of humanity.

Daunting as the task of approaching and immersing oneself in all this data may seem, the Mark-Age School of Education, through its publications, does an excellent job of explaining their impressively comprehensive metaphysical system.

1000 Keys to the Truth is a slim volume comprised of one thousand numbered paragraphs divided into forty chapters. Each chapter focuses on a different topic, ranging from the nature of deity to the defining of obscure esoteric terms. All of the information was selected from Nada-Yolanda’s voluminous channeled messages.

The Introduction, ‘Mark Age Period and Program’ section and the back cover effectively frame the material contained in the book. The Table of Contents and Index make navigation a joy. There are even several options offered to those who wish to explore the teachings further.

Although the Olympian Starseeds Initiative is focused on a slightly different aspect of the global ascension process and has a slightly different understanding of the planets comprising the Solar Council and their assigned rays and colors, there is a startling amount of common ground here. So much so that I would consider the OSI a ‘Center of Light’ in the Mark-Age schema.

I personally was most grateful for this volume’s revelations regarding the Elder Race and its relation to the planets Neptune and Venus. These contributed greatly toward expanding my metaphysical perspective.


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