Listen To Me! – by Mary K

We are all hungry to be heard. Which leaves me wondering, who is around to listen?

I have a hunch that if we all became better listeners, we just might find that we are also ‘heard’. So what’s the hangup?

I think it starts when we’re really, really young. Despite the best of intentions, the grownups in our world frequently fail to give much credence to the thoughts, feelings, and words shared by the very young. The following conversation between 3 year old Mateo and his Mom, Linda,  went viral in March. Now, there are a variety reasons that it has caught the attention of so many people but as you watch, pay attention to whether or not anyone is doing any listening… despite the phrase “LISTEN TO ME” being used frequently by both of them.

Are we simply too busy trying to control others to realize they don’t need to be controlled? What they need, what we all need, is to be heard and then guided in a direction that shows us how to be in charge of filling our needs.

What I have learned is that the listening has to start within. How do you listen to yourself? Or do you even bother? I’ve been quite surprised to discover there are a number of people who seem unaware of their own mind chatter and it’s impact on them and the choices they are making in their lives. Since you’re taking the time to read this column, it’s quite unlikely that you are one of those… yet I will hazard a guess that even you could be dismissing opportunities to move yourself closer to ‘truth’ by refusing to take the few moments needed to catch and question what you are saying to yourself. It’s worth taking those moments because sometimes you’ll catch wisdom that can change your life course, sometimes you’ll catch nonsense that’s coming from a fear held by your inner child, and sometimes, if you persist in this,  you’ll catch yourself turning a corner of your mind to discover a friend who is really, really glad that you’re listening.

So the next time you hear, or are tempted to say, “Listen to me!” — take a deep breathe and check in with yourself to learn exactly what you need to listen to today.


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This article was written by Mary K Weinhagen

Hi, I’m Mary K… I have been with The Magic Happen since the founding days in July 2007. I'm a spiritual adventurer, a mom and grandmom, a blogger, a reader, a fair weather gardener, a walker, a lover of words, a writer, coach and mentor. Ultimately, all of my work is about empowering people to step into their power and play big in the world. Because life is meant to be fun and if you be yourself, there is no competition. Just a joyful, amazing YOU, needed on the Planet at exactly this moment! ~ send me a friend request, let's get to know each other. :)


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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: April 24, 2014

    You made some excellent points in this article Mary K! Do any of us truly listen enough to anyone? To ourselves? How would the world change if we all listened just 5 % more? 25 %? The thought is staggering isn’t it? You rock my friend!

    • Mary K says - Posted: April 24, 2014

      Thanks Kathleen 🙂 As you may recall, our mutual friend Dr. Carol McCall, founder of The Institute for Global Listening and Communication, is convinced we could “listen the world to peace”. I have a hunch she’s right! Of course, it’s good to keep in mind that one person’s ‘peace’ might look like another person’s ‘war’. LOL

  2. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: May 14, 2014

    LOVE the video of the cupcake kid! And you share so much insight that makes us listen with our hearts! xox

    • Mary K says - Posted: May 14, 2014

      Thank you, Annette! For the past few weeks I’ve been working on an assignment given to me by my Spiritual Mentor… which involves listening to the statements I make to myself during the course of the day and learning to accept that all of those ‘statements’ are merely opinions I hold for one reason or another. I am then asked to look at those reasons for holding said ‘opinion’ and question, within myself, whether or not it’s based on a feeling coming from my heart… or merely a rationale my mind made up based on what I was observing outside of myself.

      It has been mind-blowing to discover how I really hold myself back simply by having opinions that I’m not truly ‘hearing’. And I’m talking simple things we brush off by a statement we make. For instance, live flowers around me absolutely feed my soul, and we’ve had a cold and often wet Spring here so things are very slow coming. The other day I had the idea to pot some flowers when I woke up in the morning because it would lift my spirit. I woke up to rain and heavy cloud cover and caught myself saying, “Well, it’s raining and cold again so I can’t pot those flowers today”… AS IF I had to leave it up to the weather. Before my current practice of watching for my opinions I would have simply lived with an undercurrent of dissatisfaction about the weather, while trying to convince myself that it was not important. Yet by questioning my opinion about the weather and my choices… I got flowers potted anyway. And that just continues to make me smile today! 🙂

      Life really gets even grander when we start really listening!

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