Live The Life You WANT [channeled] – by Marisa Ferrera

You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down.e roadblock so I could continue .
Imagine what your world would be like if each one of you stopped and took stock of your life.

Ask yourself…
“Am I doing what brings me joy? Am I living the life I desire to be living, or am I settling?”

 The truth is, you do not need to settle and if you are willing to open your mind to believe in infinite possibilities, new ideas and opportunities will present themselves to you. These possibilities exist right now but you do not see them. When you close your mind, or when you buy into the belief that what you want is too difficult to achieve or not even possible, then you also close down the opportunities that are available to you. It is as if you put a road block on your path to your heart’s desires and take a detour down a road less appealing and less fulfilling.

 You have the power to remove the roadblock and continue on your way to your dream life and your dream relationships. Each time you encounter a roadblock, you have the opportunity to make a choice. Take a detour that takes you away from what you really want, or remove the roadblock. If you don’t know how to remove it or if it feels too heavy to remove it by yourself, then ask for help. The key is to not give up. As long as you are willing to do whatever it takes to remove the roadblocks you encounter along your path, you will most definitely find yourself living the life you WANT rather than a life based on chance or circumstances.

Marisa’s Musings

 It sounds so simple to remove roadblocks on our path, and yet I know from personal experience that it’s not always easy. Sometimes roadblocks feel as if they’re made of cement and feel impossible to remove. There have been times when I sat in front of a roadblock feeling stuck, frustrated and unable to move. I didn’t want to take a detour down a road that I knew wouldn’t take me where I wanted to go, and yet, I had no idea how to remove the roadblock.

 During these times, I asked for help from God and my guides. I asked to be shown a way to either remove or get past the roadblock so I could continue along my way. 

 What I’ve discovered over the years, is that the easiest way to remove roadblocks is to look within myself to gain a better understanding of what the roadblock is made of. Is it a roadblock of fear, lack of self confidence, doubt? Once I’m able to determine the nature of my roadblock, I know what type of help I can ask for and I’m better equipped with strategies to remove them.

 Each time I remove inner blocks of fear, uncertainty, doubt, etctera, the roadblocks along my path dissolve automatically and I’m able to continue along my path of experiencing what I truly desire.

 Don’t let roadblocks stop you from living the life you want. Identify them, let them go and keep moving towards your desires.

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This article was written by Marisa Ferrera

My name is Marisa. I was born in Ontario, Canada to Italian immigrant parents and currently live in the beautiful country of Colombia, South America with my wonderful husband and soulmate. As a Soul-Centered Coach, what brings me the greatest joy is to help others like you, see just how MAGNIFICENT you REALLY are as I help you uncover what’s stopping you from having the life and relationships you truly desire and share strategies that can support you in recreating your reality to match your heart’s desires. I invite you to get a copy of my #1 International Best Selling Book called, “Magnify Your Magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire.” To learn more visit: Facebook: YouTube Channel:


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