Living in the Greatest Nation – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Imagine, that your imagination was created to allow you to give wings to your dreams. Imagine that your dreams come to life because you imagine that they are possible. Imagine you have the power of an imagination because you are the incarnation of a dream’s dream to realize itself.

All of this might seem a bit heady and perhaps a tad, la-de-da but isn’t that what imagination is all about? Being in your head, listening to the music of your heart. What a lovely place you have created.

Should you wonder where the “wonder of it all” of your life ever disappeared to, wonder no longer; it’s all safe and sound in your imagination. You have been there before. You used to dare to dream. You would spend hours and hours creating and recreating using your powers of imagination and you can do it again.

Getting back into the habit of connecting to your imagination may take a bit of structure at first. Scheduling “play dates” with yourself on a regular basis is a great start. No pressure. Set aside the time and welcome your imagination as a guest. Inquire of it, as to what it would like to share with you and go with the flow. You may feel like writing or drawing. Perhaps you will want to sing or simply daydream while watching the clouds float in the sky. Enjoy the experience.

After each play date, write your imagination a letter of thanks. Explain what you enjoyed the most and why, then make sure to issue the invitation for your imagination to connect with you again. Once you have established these “play dates” often enough, they will happen naturally.

Imagine that you can be happier than you are now. Imagine that your life can be created and recreated to please yourself when desired. Imagine the power of your dreams being fully realized. It’s all possible because you live in the greatest nation, when you live in your imagi-NATION!

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