Measure in Love – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Back in 1996, we were asked the musical question, “How do you measure a year in a life?” in the Broadway musical smash, RENT, we were told the answer was to “measure in love.” A year, 365 days here in 2019. And again, from the afore mentioned song, that breaks down to “five hundred, twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.” Each, an opportunity.

An opportunity to breathe. An opportunity to smile. An opportunity to be kind. An opportunity to be happy. An opportunity to live. An opportunity to love. With all those opportunities presenting themselves, the odds of 2019 being a terrific year are pretty good!

So, what happens if you find yourself caught up in a minute where you just can’t seem to muster the opportunistic connection to something that keeps you measuring in love? Relax. You got this! One little minute out of how many? You can always start with the next minute and keep going.

Life is not all about the great big things, it’s about the smallest things that when we look back, we realize that THEY were the big things. A woman who has delivered a child may remember the strain and pain of childbirth until the day she dies however, it’s that tiny baby that makes the greater impact. Hours of labor erased in the first minute that child is placed in her arms. Explain that, eh? She chooses to measure that experience in love.

You may have a plan all laid out for 2019. Heading off to school. Looking for a new job. Perhaps your wedding plans are set, or you may be the one expecting a child this year. There will be a lot of time tied up in each of these endeavors, yet it will be the moments and minutes that you will cherish when all is said and done.

So, go for the gold. Keep your eyes on the target and reach your goals. But measure your true success in the minutes of love. It’s what you’ll remember in the long run.

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