My Home is My Castle, My Kingdom is Yours – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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Rhea T.9.18

 My Home is my Castle, My Kingdom is yours
 Funny how words create experiences or assumptions as well for that matter. Just thinking about the word Kingdom, the meaning it holds for me. Then first thing which came up, is my kingdom comes. Which has a whole different type of energy to it. I was just brewing on the word Kingdom, and for the first time this came up.
 My Home is My Castle. Yet not as in the sense of the Middle Ages, or as masculine it used to be. My Castle holds both King and Queen, equally sitting together and reigning my own inner world. They only apply one tool to hold and embrace this sacred space within myself, that is Love.
 Now love can come in many shapes and forms. Love we share with our loved one, or with our parents, or children. Love for our friends and family. Love for one self, embracing all aspects within, the good, the bad, the ugly as well. In my Kingdom all aspects are holding their own space so to speak.
 They offer their service for no other reason then to serve the King and Queen that are reigning from the Heart. The highest form of feminine and masculine energy combined in an equal companionship. My castle is ruled by the rules they have set a long time ago. In times, there was not always equality, nor companionship. Where doors seemed to be closed for inspection and rooms were kept secret and hidden.
 My journey through all those different rooms was challenging and sometimes hard to endure. It took courage, strength as well perseverance to open up every door that seemed shut. Not always comfortable to take a look to see what it held in store. Sometimes with fear,, pain and sorrow, other times with anxiety.
 Yet in honor to the passion that was the driving force behind the inner quest, each challenge was accepted, sort of, more or less. Acknowledging and acceptance became brothers or sisters in arms. Depending on the issues that were at hand to be discovered and healed as well. The passion to be held in Love, from every angle in every aspect, was the love that shines through.
 The compassion that was felt for the wounded parts where also balanced by the actions and reactions to deal with what is at hand. In order to balance out these qualities as being receptive as well reactive, it took both sides to act as one most of the times. Not just being One, yet what became very clear, was the wish and the need to become as One.
 Over time every challenge that was addressed and tackled with love created more and more space. As well alignment between the two fractions in my house, my castle. At times it needed defending from outside attacks and then it was up to Love to seek the best solution. What would benefit the most, as well how to be able to create a win-win situation.
  Over the years, the energy shifted and the attention became more clear to what happened inside the doors and rooms of my castle. The answers that were presented, were always followed by the reward of more stability and ease. They soothed the inner anxiety, or the fear was subdued again and turned into loving presence.
 Working hand in hand, so to speak, the ways became more clearly how to search and retrieve the dis-balanced aspects. At times, the rooms seemed empty, yet in the corners there could be this little one, the angry one, the defeated one, the bruised one, in all ages as well forms.
 Recovering those parts that were scattered all over the different rooms as well places in this castle of mine, the cobwebs would disappear. Clarity became more and more the common ground as well the harmony that was achieved. No longer hidden in the dungeons, no longer the forgotten ones in the empty rooms. Each aspect got a name, an entity so to speak, that was growing over the years.
 My family I called it at one point in time. For this inner divided home, became more and more the refuge and sacred place for those that were found and healed through love. So my family inhabit my Castle and my rooms were lit with candles of love, flowers through nourishment of my inner world.
 More and more Light and Love was held in this Castle I call Mine. More and more balanced became my King and Queen. They found their love between each other through all those experiences and challenges. Through hard work and sometimes fights in order to beat the fear as well the anxiety, sorrow and pain. The harmony between my King and Queen created a loving home deep within every fiber of my being.
 They didn’t rule with a harsh hand, or suppression, they were filled with loving care and nourishment. My Kingdom is My Castle, inside and out. The sacred marriage between my king and queen created a new Kingdom. My Home is open for Light and Love, unconditionally.
And so it will be
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Heartfelt Messages 26-7-2018

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  1. Marie Elena says - Posted: September 4, 2018

    What I loved most about your article is that it all came back to love.

    • Rhea Dopmeijer says - Posted: September 11, 2018

      Thank you for your loving comment love is always master key for me Marie Elena with love

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