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Greetings!  I am here to share with you my enthusiasm for a book that was gifted me as a birthday present only recently and I am wondering why it took so long for the two of us to come together. Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford is in its third edition with over half a million copies sold worldwide. It was first published in 1993 and most recently the copyright renewed in 2002. Here is the publishing information so take note as it is my hope that you will be chomping at the bit to order your copy by the time I have finished what I have to say about this book.  You will find it in the Health /Nutrition section of your book seller and the ISBN number is 978-1-55643-430-3 and it retails for $35 US and $43.95 Canadian.  Oh yes, the publisher is North Atlantic Books, Berkley, California www.northatlanticbooks.com

This book (753 pages) blends authentic Asian medicine traditions with current Western research of health and nutrition, and as such you end up with quite the comprehensive volume available. There are guidelines on nutrition basics, discussions of Chinese healing arts for both physical and emotional conditions and it is in these discussions that one finds the most remarkable information about the balance of food (yin and yang) and why this is most important. For those seeking a gentle transition from a meat based diet to one centered on whole grains and vegetables, you will be delighted with the recipes and other valuable information. All manner of health topics are addressed including but not limited to, female health, weight loss, heart and vascular, digestion, aging issues and children. There are also detailed options for those seeking diet and herbal treatments for cancers, mental illness, addictions, AIDS and arthritis to name a few.  When I say this is a book that is really an understatement for this is truly a one stop resource volume.

Now, what sparked MY interest in this book?  I have a dear friend who happened to be a macrobiotic, vegan, organic chef and when we would get together to tape videos for her YOU Tube channel, she would have all this terrific seasonal information about what foods were best to eat, how the food we consumed what parts of our bodies, etc. and I would be hanging on her every word. Armed with this information I would shop, cook and eat as close to what she was telling me as possible.  Well, things are seasonal right, and so as we’d change seasons, I’d be lost for a few not knowing what was the most efficient way for me to eat at that point so the next time we’d get together I would have to revamp the food list again.  One day I asked her where she was getting all this information and she held up this book, smiling and telling me proudly that she not only refers to it constantly but has actually read it through TWICE! Of course I was happy to know there was such a resource and only a couple weeks later, she showed up on my doorstep ready to celebrate my birthday and handed me my very own copy as a gift! YAY me!

I have yet to read all the way through it however I have been reading parts of it that I am keenly interested in at the moment. Wow, I have been known to find myself so caught up in the information that I don’t notice the time passing. While there are great recipes such as Nepal Vegetable Curry (and you will be mixing your OWN curry here) and Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies you will also find preparation techniques, the reasons why you combine certain foods with others and such a logical approach to a healthier life that it may make you wonder (as it did me) why it took so long for me to learn that this book existed. I believe that the information on how to deal with food and alcohol addictions alone can help so many people and is truly helping me bring myself into better health.

What with there being so many questionable practices in the food industry, the medical community and of health gurus in general, we require solid information based on thousands of years of success and a thorough understanding of how the body functions.  Not only do we have that in Paul Pitchford’s book but it is explained in such a way that we do not have to be well versed in cross cultural conversation. Plenty of illustrations help us to identify not only foods and plants but the step by step instructions of different preparation methods. A thorough index makes it easy to find specifically what once seeks to be sure but what I find equally as exciting is the discovery of that which you didn’t know that you didn’t know by simply opening the book to any random page and begin reading.

There are no quick fixes but then again we did not get into the situations we find ourselves in overnight. Healing with Whole Foods is the perfect title as almost everyone in the world has something they are seeking to remedy.  Perhaps one day, with the help of this book and much loving care on our individual parts to honor our bodies and lives as the precious energies that they are, the title of this book could evolve into something like: This is How We Do It…


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