New Year’s Resolutions vs Intentions – [channeled] by Marisa Ferrera

Another year has ended and a New Year has begun. This is a time for both reflecting on the past and envisioning the future. What you choose to focus on at this time will have a direct impact on what you will experience from this moment forward.  Will you choose to focus on what you DIDN’T accomplish last year or will you choose to celebrate what you DID accomplish? Will you choose to focus on those who hurt you or on those who demonstrated love towards you?

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When thinking about the year ahead, will you choose to create New Year’s Resolutions that you’re not really committed to, because it is the customary thing to do at this time of year, or will you consciously reflect on what you truly desire to create and set an intention to move in the direction of your desires?

Everything is a choice and each choice will lead to a different result. The question is:
“What do you wish to experience in this coming year?”

Once you are clear on exactly what you wish to experience, then set your intention to make choices every day that will lead you towards it. You KNOW deep in your heart when you make choices that are aligned with what you desire and when you don’t. Sometimes it may seem easier to make a decision that you know isn’t what you really want because choosing what you want can be confronting for both you and others.

Confrontation is something many of you avoid because it makes you feel uncomfortable, and feeling uncomfortable is not something you wish to feel. The Truth is that if you set your focus on following the desires of your heart and Trust that your heart will never lead you astray, you will have more courage to move forward, even when it is uncomfortable.

Take some time today, or in the next few days to be with yourself and to still your mind. Go for a walk, meditate, write in a journal. Take time to listen to what your heart wants to tell you. Be willing to hear the Truth that is within you, for this is the only path that will lead you to what you truly desire.

Marisa’s Musings 

I stopped creating New Year’s Resolutions a long time ago. I found that declaring resolutions only led me to feeling bad about myself when I didn’t follow through with them. I know I’m not the only one who didn’t live up to my resolutions. In fact, after doing a Google search I found stats that showed 80% of people will fail to keep their Resolutions by Valentine’s Day. One of the reasons given for this didn’t surprise me.

Most people set resolutions because it’s a tradition and they don’t really expect to keep them.

Traditions that don’t work can be replaced by ones that do. That’s why I decided that instead of creating New Year’s Resolutions, I would create New Year’s Intentions.

Resolutions focus on what we have to DO to meet our goals while intentions focus on our inner STATE OF BEING.  I started asking myself, “Who do I need to BE in order to have the experiences I want in my life?”

This year, my intention is to do my best on a daily basis to BE in a state of peacefulness and gratitude no matter what is going on around me. My intention is to take the time to BE still long enough to be able to hear the whispers of my inner voice so I can be guided into taking only INSPIRED ACTION that will continue to lead me to experiencing all of my heart’s desires.

If New Year’s resolutions haven’t worked for you in the past,
I invite you to create New Year’s Intentions instead.

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