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No effort was wasted, no time proved ill-spent. Would that this were so for all my endeavors! My Quest to re-make my Mythic Adventure multiverse into a greater vehicle for interactive storytelling is proceeding smoothly. Every Role Playing Game (RPG) product I’ve explored thus far has provided me with something of potential value.

I found that even the games I had decided to use exclusively in the ancient Heroic Age actually offered me convenient links to the starry void and parallel dimensions.

Precis Intermedia‘s Lords of Olympus facilitates integrating all types of settings, even alien ones, into a coherent whole, thus it remains a valuable resource. Deep7 and Heyoka Studios provide means to transplant Greco-Roman heroes into outer space through 1PG Star Legion and grant them godlike powers in 1PG Hero Force. Chimera PressMythic offers a great planet or plane to visit and the Eccentric Encounters series by Necromancers of the West Coast has enough mutated mythic monsters to keep things very lively for my adventuring heroes.


But what of Mythos? Written by Gilbert Gallo and published by Mystical Throne Entertainment, this RPG is an excellent vehicle for crafting and experiencing ancient legends. But with the Contest of the Gods long over in our own faraway future, how can the system possibly be applied? Fortunately Gilbert answers this question himself through another exciting adventure.

Zeus still claims the Mystic Throne of Mount Olympus. The thousand-year struggle has robbed the Olympians of their collective power as a pantheon. The Age of Heroes has passed and the Greeks have entered a historical era that remembers and honors the gods but can no longer share a world with them.

Meanwhile, a new god from the East has set his sights on the Olympian Heavens. He leads powerful Daevas and his mortal champion, Xerxes of Persia, threatens Hellas with his vast armies.

Faced with this challenge, the Olympians decide that their day has not quite passes and that the glorious past they pine for does indeed provide the key to their salvation.

And so begins Mythos: Battle of Thermopylae! Aside from the inevitable clash of arms, there are mysteries to clarify, omens to interpret and oracles to consult. There are Powers and Principalities to pit yourself against, including a power-hungry divinity and a near-immortal mythic beast. More importantly, for the purposes of my still-developing saga, there are alternate Mythos realities and the use of time travel by the Olympians.



Gilbert Gallo answers the question yet again in Olympus, Inc, a game that opens the door to an alternate cyberpunk present where the memory of Olympus has been erased from humanity’s waking consciousness. Developed and co-written with Charles White, and published by Fabled Environments, this soon-to-be-released RPG gave me a new mythic spin for sci-fi and superheroics.

The Olympians have fallen from grace and Gaia has helped the Titans reclaim Olympus. To protect humanity, neither side can operate openly. To defy the will of the Earth Mother is to incur the wrath of Nemesis – and no one wants that to happen.

Although there are still Demigods and Intelligent Mythic Beings whose services can be called upon, the faceless conglomerates and their inhuman systems best serve the needs of the gods.

Nothing is as it seems. Divine realities are veiled and guarded by misdirection. Confusion reigns. The preview for Olympus, Inc was so exciting that I can’t wait to experience the complete product!


Okay, so I’m covered for time travel, alternate realities and superheroes. What about a truly mythic approach to space opera?

Mangus Nygaard’s Dogs of Hades, published by Savage Mojo, may be the solution I’ve been seeking. In this setting mortals, facing the deadly and relentless wrath of Zeus, were whisked away by the goddess Athena and resettled on habitable planets called Gardens. The mortals thrived in these Gardens, evolved, and through Athena’s guidance they have become a mighty space-faring culture that seeks to civilize the barbarian peoples they encounter. The Athenians are the jewel in Athena’s crown and the apple of her eye.

At present there is peace with the Olympians, who have come to them bearing gifts, and a truce with the Sakalids, once the Athenians’ greatest enemies. The Sakalids are a disturbing paradox: barbarians who are more civilized than the children of Athena!

Dogs of Hades is a very human game and it focuses on human interactions, which are not always heroic, noble or wise. The social structures. laws and politics are Byzantine. There is pretense, deception and treachery aplenty in this game. Fortunately, life’s simplest and most enduring treasures can also be found there.

One Sheet Adventures such as Harpies, Young Love: Aphrodite and Young Love: Hera offer further gaming experiences and the Characters sheets provide you with eccentric personalities that can be introduced into your scenarios.

The ‘Spartans in Space’ setting of Dogs of Hades, though vast, is but a drop in the sea of Savage Mojo‘s Suzerain Continuum, which offers another model for running an incomprehensible vast and multi-thematic multiverse. In fact, all of the company’s products strongly support the model.

Though I will continue my exploration of Greek Mythology related RPG settings and systems, I believe that I finally have enough material to plan a few innovative mini-campaigns and stand alone sessions.


Next Issue: My mythic multiverse relaunches with the Quest for the Golden Fleece plus my interview of author and RPG design maverick Gilbert Gallo.

(c) Hercules Invictus

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