Pitching National Camping Month – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Campfire stories shared by those with delightful imaginations. Floating down the lazy river on a raft. Sleeping under the stars and wondering if it gets any better. These are some of the reasons why people LOVE camping! Grab your tent, a bedroll, some trail mix and hit the road, even for a weekend this month, as June is National Camping Month.

Of course, to some, camping is rather primitive, what with having to cook your food over open flames, and sleeping in teeny, tiny space, on air mattresses while wrapped in flannel lined bags. Of course, there are those outhouse experiences (should you be lucky enough to be in an area where you don’t have to squat in the woods). Bathing in the lake?  The dickens you say?

Now, for those of you who are totally engaged by the previous paragraph, I say, have at it!  Get out there with nature and commune as though you were long, lost friends. Find peace and serenity in the very act of listening to crickets singing you sleep and birds chirping you awake. Catch your dinner in the stream. Talk to the trees and allow the wind re-style your hairdo. Use this time to unwind, unplug and replenish your inner batteries.

For me, we’d have to upgrade to uber glamping before I could relax on a camping trip (don’t judge). I’ve seen those magnificent tents that have carpeted floors, queen size beds and wood burning stoves to use for heat or cooking. Oh yes, and there must be a REAL bathroom with all the amenities. Not camping you say? You’ be right. Sounds more like being in a hotel. I have always said that my idea of roughing it, is having to bring my own hair dryer and coffee pot to the Holiday Inn.

While I may not join you in the trek through the woods to find the perfect spot to pitch your canvas digs, I support your right to do just that! Grab your Coleman lanterns. Stock up on your tinder and marshmallows. Prepare to be amazed by the prospect of coming face to face with critters who are just curious about who you are as you are about them. Then, come back and tell us all about it, what we missed and why we need to consider joining you next time. Happy National Camping Month!

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