Refreshing and Reshaping Your Energetic Blueprint – by Nancy Ring

“Release and replace,” repeated the woman I was teaching to access her Akashic Records. “I really like this approach to refreshing and reshaping who I am in this life.”And I agree. Her Records had been guiding us through a process to heal a past interaction between her and her mother, and our session that day was a typical Akashic call.

Bright Logo with wordsThe Records often guide us to facilitate processes so people can release an aspect of themselves that no longer serves and replace it with a belief, an approach or some other energy that allows them to hold more light here on earth. They are processes that refresh and strengthen their connection to their eternal selves. They are processes in which they heal wounds from past lives that often are subconscious blocks to creating what they want in this lifetime. And frequently, these processes also clear and refresh patterns of behavior, belief and reaction in the genetic lineage.People often ask about the difference between accessing in their Akashic Records and having a reading from a psychic. This release, replace, refresh and reshape dynamic is always at the core of my reply. Sure, psychic readings can give us information about our experiences, our families and our hopes and dreams for the future. And all of that often is helpful.

But when we work in our Akashic Records, not only do we receive information about past experiences and guidance about the future, we also can edit and rework our energetic blueprint. Old, outmoded patterns can be healed and erased from all levels of our being, through all times and all dimensions for our highest and best good. We then access the Grace of the Divine to imprint new patterns or energies that better align the person with their soul’s true intentions.

Transforming outmoded energies in our Records also is a service to humanity. When we release and transmute our anger into divine love, we decrease the amount of anger on the planet. We also help make it easier for others to release their anger because we have strengthened that pattern on the planet.

If this Akashic student is typical, it won’t be long until she is telling me about unexpected improvements in her relationship with her. She released and transmuted an incident involving judgment and lack of trust, and if I recall accurately, replaced it with unconditional love and acceptance. So she won’t be necessarily be surprised when she experiences a new trust and acceptance from her mom. But she’s also likely to experience greater warmth, more laughter, and easier communication overall. Many of us have seen similar delightfully unintended and positive outcomes from similar work. Won’t it be fun to see how their relationship is refreshed because of her work in her Akashic Records?

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This article was written by Nancy Ring

Nancy Ring accesses the Akashic Records to connect people to the guidance and healing energy of their souls. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, she has been guiding and teaching others in the Akashic Records for over ten years. In addition to her Akashic work, Nancy is also an executive coach and an organizational development and training consultant for corporations and non-profits in the US, Europe and Asia.


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