Review: The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune – a classic – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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If you want to know anything about Kabbalah or Qabalah to use Dion Fortune’s spelling, this book is a must. It is the number one introduction book to the central concepts of the Tree of Life.

After a short introduction the main structure in the book is based on the Tree of Life and its ten spheres or Sephirot. The book is divided in three parts.

The first part gives some overviews and introduces the reader to Qabalah as the ”yoga of the west.” After some chapters on spirituality and particularly in the Qabalistic tradition, Fortune gives an overview of the Tree of Life and its structure.

The second part is a detailed overview of the 6 firsts spheres in the Tree of Life and the third part covers the last 4 spheres.

These chapters follow the same format. They are put forward with a list of attributes to each sphere as; title, magical image, god name, archangel, virtue ++++
Then numbered paragraphs explaining in more detail the major aspects of each sphere.
It is all very structured, detailed and to the point.

The book gives a clear overview, it is easy accessible and practically oriented and full of clear and understandable analogies and metaphors that reflect Fortune’s deep understanding and inner knowledge.
The book is amazing in its broad approaches from psychological, sociological, physical, meta-physical to spiritual and mystical. If you want to learn Qabalah, this is the book you start with.

Nothing is more nice than reading a book you hold in your hands, but this one is also available for free many places on the world wide web. Just search for Fortune, Qabalah and pdf.

Here you find a free pdf of this book and some other Kabbalah books too.

Here you find a nice overview of the Tree of Life.

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