Save the Flamingos – by Annette Rochelle Aben

“I’m going to turn your flamingos into vultures for Halloween!”
What? Did I hear that right? My wonderful little sister, who bought me the flamingos, so I’d have something cheery to look at when I glanced out my office window, was now going to violate my lovely pink distractions? Horrors!

Of course, my response was completely argumentative. Those were MY flamingos. She gave them to ME. In no way, shape or form did I want her to turn them into creatures of the night.

 “I’ll get you more flamingos, I promise!”

Well, if this is the case, then go get YOUR OWN flamingos and do with them what you will! I thought it but didn’t actually didn’t say those words. No, instead I jellied out and whimpered about how this wasn’t fair, not fair at all. I am not certain she heard me or cared whether I approved.

 My sister works at a resale shop, where she is always finding terrific bargains. This is where the flamingos appeared, in search of a new home.

I have more than a dozen of long legged bright pink critters scattered about my living space. They keep me company, add a pop of color to the décor and are terrific conversation starters. She gave me each and every one of them over the course of several years. In addition to the indoor flock, she also brought home a few for the garden. She did it because I adore flamingos. Knowing this, how in the world could she possibly think I would agree to the costuming of my outdoor babies!

It wouldn’t be costuming at all it would be a complete and permanent make over! She’d break out the forever black paint, slathering it all over them and while that paint was still wet, she’d stick horrid black feathers on their defenseless bodies. Heaven only knows what she would do to their sweet faces! Turning the angelic expressions of contentment into menacing mugs. Really?  Really?

Even though she has promised me she will not do this (do in part to my whining and carrying on) I am skeptical. As we move throughout the month of October, she’ll be setting up her spooky yard art. Should she decide, at the last minute, that vultures are what she needs, I wouldn’t put it past her to raid my garden in the night. By the time I’d figure out what happened, the paint and the feathers would be dry!

So, I am asking everyone out there to send the white light of protection to my outdoor flock. We need to keep them safe from her clutches. And while we are at it, let’s send a pink light of love to her heart. Maybe she’ll allow the flamingos to live in peace, enjoying the garden as they have for years.

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