Say hey! – by Roger Wyer

Life is a magical ride. My life sometimes feels like a tapestry, taking shape with each experience, each relationship, each learning. When I step back, I see a picture emerging. It looks something like this:

It’s a scene in Nature. My experiences in and relationship with Nature form the background.

One thread that runs through the tapestry is gardening. From designing and building landscapes to plant spirit medicine, my life unfolds in the garden. My gardening services are offered here.

Another thread is writing. I’ve written several books, which you can find here and here.

Another is healing. I’ve been led through learning and practicing a lot of healing ways. Together, all of this allows me to help people get unstuck from whatever is troubling them in the moment. I call this Soul Repair Coaching. You can read about it here.

All of this forms the container for my awakening – including sharing and caring.

I’m excited about participating with The Magic Happens community. In difficult times, we need to find each other and connect if we are to thrive!



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This article was written by Roger Wyer

I am a tree. I arrived in a human package this time. I live in the space between plants and people. From this space I can be helpful. I serve as a plant advocate - I am the voice of Nature. I help people create wildly better gardens and connect them with Nature for healing and spiritual growth.


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