SELF-AID: Inspirations to Turn Struggles into Success – by Annette

Personal triumph is a remarkable feeling and when we can share tools we have used to achieve this remarkable feeling with others, then we can experience the full circle of oneness. In her book, SELF-AID: Inspirations to Turn Struggles into Success, Helen Woo accomplishes just this.  Each page is filled with the wisdom and wit of not only the author but others who have found their way through the darkness in to the light.

What is unique is that Helen Woo doesn’t focus on the details of the story that brought her to writing this book as many ‘self-help’ books are want to do.  In fact one is presented with statements such as “…to overcome my struggles and inspire me to look for the light when I feel trapped in the darkness.” And “They help me achieve more daily and motivate me to take action when needed.” So one gets the idea that everything written in this book has the potential to help ANY person in any GIVEN situation which is part of the power of how Helen Woo’s message is delivered.

So yes, this book is filled with quotes from many of the greatest minds of our time, Martin Luther King, Jr., Helen Keller, Gandhi, and William Shakespeare to name a few.  However it is in giving us the quotes where Ms. Woo really DOES tell her story because she takes each and every quote and supplies her thought on it, and this thought is something she refers to as a “Wooism”.  Here are a couple of examples: “Learn to value yourself, which means: to fight for your happiness.” Ayn Rand and the “Wooism” that follows immediately is: “It is my responsibility to create the outcome that I want. I am deserving of happiness, and so I shall have it.”  Ram Dass says: “You can’t build joy on a feeling of self-loathing.” Helen’s “Wooism” to this is “Forgiving myself is important because it opens a new pathway for me to love myself; and it enables me to experience true happiness.” Ideally, as one reads through each chapter as it treated to these quotes, Helen Woo’s story is revealed in the responses, it you will, to the affirmations she has chosen to share because these are the affirmations that helped her get on with her life.

Helen Woo believes that we create our own greatness from the inside out and that it starts in our thoughts.  With this book, she offers us the opportunity to create the outcomes we desire and to live the lives that honor who we are authentically. Self-Aid: Inspirations to Turn Struggles into Success works pretty much for most ages, any gender and would make a terrific gift for the student graduating or entering any grade, between middle school and beyond.  Let’s say you know someone who is about to get a divorce or perhaps start their own business, again this book would make a wonderful statement of how much you believe in this individual’s ability to come through it all shining like the sun!

annette04Published in 2015 by RockStar Publishing House, you can find this book on Amazon and be sure to ask for it at your local book store. For more information on Helen Woo, please visit her websites, and




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