Taking the bull by the horns – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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You can repeat your mistakes again and again or face them and change them. You can postpone again and again or take action. You can suppress again and again or express by opening the closed drawer, getting some fresh air or let the feelings flow.


Taking the bull by the horns is all about facing your own mirage, going through the gate and take the first step towards your potential, your future, your goal.

Taking the bull by the horns is facing your animal nature, accept it as it is, feel what you feel, but ask yourself what is the next step towards improvement, towards mastery.

Saint Michael or Saint George and the dragon is about the same story, to face, relate to, be honest with what you feel and then master the animal, the bull or the dragon.

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PS: Original drawing is in black and white of the catching of the Norwegian reindeers by Arnulf Bjørndal, colors of the northern lights added by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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This article was written by Andreas Bjørndal

There is a common theme in much that I do: • I love to be an active part of growing awareness, insight, inspiration and spreading a unifying knowledge. • I care for promoting health and development, creating improved harmony and unity within the individual as in their relation with their group. • I search for a unified understanding across seemingly unconnected areas of knowledge including perennial as well as scientific. • I have coined the term "holonistic knowledge" which I share in my blog: holonity.com • I write, blog, debate and teach around the world • I practice complementary therapies as homeopathy and acupuncture as well as counsel and supervise individuals, partners, couples and families to find the core theme in their lives and how they can resolve and master that. Feel free to contact me for questions or a consultation at my mail: andreas@nan.no Blog: https://holonity.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holonity https://www.facebook.com/kabbalahnorge


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