Tenamakii ~ Dragon Wisdom – by Sara Jane

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A Message from Tenamakii: The Dragon that Guards over the Earth Crystal Sapphire.


You are exquisite

You are so beautiful

You are the colour and the colours that you choose to bring in to your life

So what colour are you being today?

What colour are you choosing?

We invite you to use your imagination, to look at the rainbow and spread those colours throughout your life.

In the clothes that you wear, in the food that you eat, in your surroundings.

If you go into Nature, she isn’t all about one colour, even the greens are different shades.

The colours of the sea change from blues to greys to greens, depending on the colour of the sky.

There is colour all around you, look at a rose bush, none of them are identical but they bloom in their own uniqueness.

And you are an exquisite, unique Being.

So, let go of the greys and the blacks and the really dark depressing colours and brighten your life.

Brighten your surroundings, brighten what you wear, brighten what you eat.

The colours of the Rainbow are also represented in the colours of your Chakras, your main energy centres.

If in doubt of the foods to eat

Your Base Chakra is Red, eat red foods

Your Sacral Plexus is Orange, Orange fruit & vegetables

Your Solar Plexus is Yellow

Your Heart Chakra is Green

Your Throat Chakra is Blue

Your Third Eye is Indigo

Your Crown Chakra is Violet

Drink plenty of water flush your system through

But look at the foods you are eating, there are many of them that actually represent a part of your body. A classic example of this is the walnut which looks like a brain, it is food for your brain.

So, look at the colours that surround you, the food that you eat and feel yourself in different colours.

Everyday bring colour in to your life and the more colour you bring, the more open you become, the more your life becomes a life that you enjoy living.

Colour is also about experience.

Experience your life to the fullest

You are an exquisite, amazing Being

Love yourself enough to bring that colour in to all aspects of your life



Via Sara Jane

A Message from Tenamakii

The Dragon that Guards over the Earth Crystal Sapphire

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