The beginning of a psychic adventure – by Aeson Knight

Often in life we get that attention from spirits to go on an adventure whether it is the draw to learn something new or to take a step in a direction in life. It is always an adventure

Very often when spirits feel you need a change in your life, they will simply put things into your life to make change happen. Most times we do not understand why this is happening or how we will finish the adventure

My grandmother use to say life is an everyday adventure you can choose to enjoy it or let spirit drag you along. Your choice!

I personally have seen this in my life. The largest one I can think of was before I begin reading full time. I had always read and gave readings to people but never looked at it as a profession. I wanted to be a R.N. and work as a healer, while I was not reading not full time. I still continued reading for a small group of clients that begin reading with me when I took the overflow from my grandmother’s appointments  Then one evening my phone rang looking at the number I thought it was a telemarketer calling to sell me something. So I answered it in my best: I do not give care what you want tone.

“Castle how can I direct your call?”  Hoping to quickly get off their call list, if they thought they had called a business.

“Hello can you connect me to Aeson Knight’s extension?” said a softer southern ladies voice.

Looking back, I think I should of turned on the radio and let her listen to music for about 5 minutes, then have answered it.

“Hello, this is Aeson how can I help you?”

She then when into her sales pitch, freedom to work when you want where you want, using your phone. (etc etc etc) I was not paying attention to it as I was not interested in reading on a network.

After about 10 minutes I kindly thanked her for the offer. While it would have been nice, I was not interested. I only read part time and I was a nurse with a very active schedule, so there was just no way.

She was nice and said if I changed my mind, their network would love to have me. I could hear the disappointment.

My guide David just about had a cow, if guides could slap us, I think he would have slapped me with everything he had, that night because he knew I would be able to enjoy and learn so much from that adventure.  He had told me, in a reading month earlier, that I would be reading more people.  I saw no way that was going to happen working 120 hours a week on a nursing home floor.

Adventure adverted, I continued working the nursing floor, for about another two months, until one night while lifting a patient, I heard with in my ear “you better stop this.” I thought it was just me picking up on one of my patients. As I specialized in geriatric care, often many patients communicated on a more psychic level then a verbal one. I said, “It’s ok, I am just going to put you to bed,” and when on with my night.

The next night i was moving through my ward caring and making sure everyone was happy, dry and had what they needed, a coworker ask me to aid in moving a patient to the shower bed, as she was unable to be moved with the lift and had to be manually lifted from bed to anywhere, this was a common occurrence with me being able to help move patient much easier than most.

In moving the very sweet nice robust woman, the co-worker lost his grip, shifting the weight completely to me. Instantly I froze locking my knees, hips and back thinking if I was able to lock into place, the bed could be quickly moved in place, which he instantly did. As I begin bending my knees, I felt a shooting white hot pain, that I can only describe as pure fire shooting from my mid back to my right foot. I know right then this adventure was over, the end, I did not know the next one was but this one was finished.teacup

My life’s passion, what I had worked day in day out for a number of year was gone. After getting her placed back in the bed, gritting thru my teeth, I told him to make her comfortable. Then I dragged myself out of the room to the nurse’s desk and collapsed into a desk chair. Within thirty minutes I was on my way to the hospital ER with a knee the size of my head and a back that felt like someone had ripped it out of me.

By first light it was official, my nursing career was over, and to add to my joy I was not to lift anything heavier then a cup for at least six months. I went through treatment and physical therapy as I had not only blown my knee and sprained my right hip but also crushed four disks in my back. It was decided I would move back to the home place for my recovery, as there was no way I could afford to maintain an upstairs apartment, much less get to the front door.

The home place was my grandmother’s home and a second home that my parents maintained with my grandmother long crossed the veil, I decided I would prefer to stay at her house. As it was built flat on the ground and also no overlooking parents, while I could throw a rock and knock on their door if I wanted to.

The house had not changed much since grandmother crossed. As I laid propped up on pillows and dosed with pain meds, I had a lot of time to think, dream and question myself as to what was next?

I have always been the hyper type so staying in bed for more than a month, to rest, was not going to happen so I quickly learned how do things like get around, a desk chair is very useful for this.

The recovery was an adventure in itself, like taking pages of the past back. I began exploring this time capsule of my youth, from finding writings that I did as a teenager to, drawings of the tarot I had done, as I learned them and marking off artist from my list of possible new careers.,

Then one evening being bored to death, I rolled into my grandmother’s office, which had not been touched for about 15 years.  My mother had come over, and cleaned up some, removed the food and washed the dishes then locked the door, so even grandmother’s tea cup was still sitting to the right of the typewriter.

I sat there questioning now what? I remember being in that room for many hours but never behind the desk as it was grandmother’s space. I rolled over, pushed her chair out of the way with my own office chair and begin looking around.

Looking in the drawers finding the basic office stuff, pen pencils l, correction fluid, decks of cards, paper, then I open the last drawers in which I found a number of items my grandmother had taken from me over the years. There were knifes, slingshots, water guns and also a stack of old National Inquirers, which is a tabloid, here in the USA.

I thought hummm what are these?  I begin reading these because it was most unlike that my grandmother would have collected these. I saw that she had made notes in the back section and margins, of people’s names and numbers.

I wonder just what she had been up to.Then I begin thinking of that call I had gotten, now more than six months before and I realized what she was doing; she was checking into new jobs.

That evening spent revisiting her old notes and numbers and decided to see well if I could not be a nurse, a psychic would not be a bad adventure, or job. After calling a few of the old numbers, I found all of them were disconnected. After 15 years, I guess they changed their numbers. On the way home from therapy after much coaching, I got my mother to pick up a bunch of new magazines from the store.

After reading that BigFoot was ruling the north woods and may run for president, I found the section I was looking for, and begin reading the ads. Many of them were 900 numbers for readings then I saw an ad help wanted housewives who could read cards while talking on the phone, could make extra money from the comfort of their own home, aiding people over the phone.

I dialed the number and a nice southern lady answered the phone, “Hello this is Jean, thank you for your call, how can I help you.”

“Hello, I saw your ad…”

Turns out this was the same lady I had turned down, Thus began the adventure of my true career and a life of pure enjoyment.

What I have learned and I hope you have from reading this is to say YES to those adventure that spirit will put in front of you. Often the adventure is more rewarding then you have first thought. Also remember, whenever one adventure ends another one has already begun. Sometimes what might not look like your destination, truly is.

About author

This article was written by Aeson Knight

Aeson has been advising people for over 19 years. He learned what his Psychic gifts were and how to use them at a young age. He then learned the art of Tarot reading to focus more on the question at hand; this gives him the ability to help other people along their path. This has become his mission in life. Tarot reading is as natural to Aeson as breathing is to get a Reading today you, except he has learned to focus in on you and your life, so he can answer your specific questions. He will tell you what he sees for you with no sugar coating or beating around the bush. Aeson will tell you straight up and give clear answers to your questions. He does not do any “smoke and mirror” tricks and he will not waste your time but give you pure truthful information. His reading have help people from around the globe, from the house wife who worried over her marriage to the government leader who worry their choices and what lays in front of them to the business leader who need a little help with where his company is head. They all have come to Aeson not only for prediction. But also life coaching and Intuitive skills Aeson has not only work with his gifts but he continue to study and sharp his psychic abilities then so that not only can he use the gifts that he has been gifted with but also give sound advice, and tools for your life


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