The Beginning of the End – by Annette Rochelle Aben

October is HERE!  To many people, this is the beginning of the end, the end of the year, that is. With three months left, plans are not only being made and carried out to ensure a happy holiday for one and all, but people are already filling out their calendars for 2017.

Ninety days, give or take a day, are what we have left to 2016. What are you beginning to end? It sounds like a confusing question but if you think about it, there has to be something going on in your life that you would like to see end. As a result, when would now be a good time to begin that ending process?

As everyone reading this has achieved some measurable time on this planet, there is bound to be a habit or two that you do not wish to take into the new year. This is the perfect time to set your sights on a happier 2017 than 2016, so let’s begin with the end in mind!  After all, spreading out the effort over the next few weeks might make it easier to achieve. Then you’ll be all set for whatever 2017 has in mind for you.

Feel free to leave a comment as to what you are beginning to end and earn the support of everyone else.  We are here to cheer you on, hand you the water as you run the course and flip you a towel at the finish line!  Three cheers for the beginning of the end!

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  1. Teresa Karlinski says - Posted: October 2, 2016

    A wonderful story, Annette. You’re not a Scorpio, are you? In any event, early happy birthday.

    • Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: October 2, 2016

      Thank you Tess! It’s actually worse than anyone thinks.. I am a triple Scorp! Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Ascendant and Scorpio North Node.(lol) Appreciate the early b’day wishes. I actually celebrate the entire month, because they never told me I couldn’t. So, this begs the question.. Am I in the company of another amazing Scorpio here? 🙂

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