The Desire Map – By Danielle Laporte

What if knowing how you want to FEEL is indeed the most potent clarity you can have?

*spoiler alert*

It is!

Desire Map coverI have to confess that when I picked up The Desire Map (a guide to creating goals with soul) by Danielle Laporte I already had a bias. I LOVE Danielle’s work. This remarkable, magical, book is like taking a sacred journey to discover a new you while showing you what real success entails. And it has, in so many ways, changed my life.

The Desire Map is actually two books in one – Book One provides The Theory, while Book Two is The Workbook.  I highly recommend you thoroughly explore all of it… yet the beauty is that when you need a bit of inspiration you can dig into theory… when you’re ready for a bit of action you can dig into the workbook. And it really won’t matter which order you choose to do it in.

I dearly wish I could sum up Danielle’s theory in a sentence or two, but that would be leaving way too much on the table (which is why you really, really, need to experience this book). And, since this is merely a review and recommendation I’ll share just a bit.

The foundation of the book rests on one question: How Do You Want To Feel?

desire map

When you understand that everything you do is driven by a desire to feel a certain way…

When you understand that the essence of your desire is a feeling

When you understand that desire is the most creative force in the Universe…

Then you will see your goals start shifting, on purpose, and you will give up beating your head against the brick wall of someone else’s desire… and follow your heart and take action that leads you to the fulfillment of YOUR desires.

And when THAT happens… BAM! Now you’re shining your Light and flooding the world with the real, honest gift of YOU!

The Desire Map can help you not only discover your core desired feelings… but with the clarity that comes from that you will discover you’re making more empowered choices.

So yes, I highly recommend The Desire Map. It’s not that the information itself is new, in fact it’s older than time, it’s my huge appreciation of Danielle’s mix of the sacred and profane, along with the practical application of the information that really jazzes me about this book!

And I’m also clear it will not be everyone’s cup of tea (especially if multiple font sizes and layout anomalies are a bother to you). You might not appreciate the writing style. I’ve even heard someone say that they felt the book lacks substance. The exact opposite of my experience. And isn’t it rich that we live in a world of something for everybody!

THE DESIRE MAP by Danielle Laporte is available in the ‘Shop’ on Danielle’s page and also at

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