The Gift of Cancer – A Life Changing Book – by Annette


More than likely every life on this planet has been touched by cancer at some point.  Perhaps a family member, a neighbor, your former teacher or even your beloved family pet received the diagnosis. Imagine now that YOU yourself were to hear those words spoken to you about YOU.  How would you react?  What would you do in such a case? Well I know how one young lady handled it, she used her diagnosis to turn her life around and in the process was completely healed AND used the process she went through to write a book to help others. Wendy Treynor. Ph. D. wrote The Gift of Cancer – A Life Changing Book – because that is how she saw it and that is what happened.

This book is not only remarkable because it is a true story it IS the story. Filled with journal entries, hand drawn illustrations and the revelations of the true meanings of life and love, you will find a reason to celebrate the gift of cancer.  Wendy is honest, vulnerable and courageous in telling her story. It may seem to some that she is a little wacky but then again that is part of the sheer beauty of this book. The energy with which she faced, danced with and controlled the cancer needed some “wacky” at times but hey she has lived to tell the tale!

You may wish to read it straight through, you might find yourself opening to any random page but you will not want this book to leave your possession.  Make sure that when you buy your copy, you grab an extra because there will be someone in your life that will need it and best you have it at the ready to hand it over to them. It matters not that you yourself have experienced this journey of cancer for the emotions, strength and choices that shape this experience are totally relatable to everyone. So Wendy Treynor’s gift of cancer has turned out to be so much more than one woman’s story of overcoming the “C” word, it has provided a guide for each and every one of us to do as the cover of the book says: “Turn Your Tragedy into a Treasure…” because this IS “A Treasure Map to Happiness.”


GiftofCancerThe Gift of Cancer – A Life Changing Book –  By Wendy Treynor, Ph. D.

Turn Your Tragedy into a Treasure…  A Treasure Map to Happiness ©2014 Euphoria Press

ISBN 978-0-9823028-4-2




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