The Magic of Hope – by Dean Nelson

Most live in a world of uncertainty and chaos. Times are challenging and fearful for millions of weary people around the world. Incorrigible terrorists create havoc in our cities and incite desperate souls to commit violence and murder. They manipulate those who have no regard for their own lives or the lives of others.
Keeping up with dreadful daily news may not be the best way to experience peace and harmony in our lives. It brings into focus the worst of society and cultures around the globe. It can be a constant reminder of how a few twisted minds and corrupted governments continually undermine the genuine love and compassion the vast majority of the world embraces.

From by lightfoot

From by lightfoot

Choosing to screen out most of the negative news stories and place our attention on articles that display kindness and generosity of caring people will engender positive emotional feelings. Watching videos of people doing kind things for others, being loving parents and friends, and helping needy people all over the planet attracts feelings of joy and peace.

When we look for the good in others and expect kind things from them, we are more likely to draw these people, along with good experiences, into our lives. Expectations are powerful and can morph our very existence into that of our desires. Hope is the elixir that transforms a world of chaos into a life of peace, melding and mending the mind and the body.

Hope gives life to the lifeless. Hope enables the disabled. Hope liberates the captive.

Be hopeful!

Dean Nelson

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This article was written by Dean Nelson

I enjoy exploring spirituality and consciousness while discovering ways of improving life for myself and others. My first book, The Experiential Approach, is listed on in paperback and Kindle versions. My goal was to be warm and passionate while inviting the reader to consider alternative means of making meaningful, positive changes in behaviors and thought processes. The Experiential Approach is the first in a series of mind, body and spirit self-help books designed to enhance life experiences by providing easy to follow exercises and thought inspiring philosophies. This book's main focus is how we can change the way we experience life. My second book, The Mindfulness Approach, is also on Amazon and Kindle. It's emphasis is on the mind-body relationship and how we can use the mind to heal the body through mindfulness and meditation. The last book in this series, The Threshold Approach, is being written at present. It concerns the mind-spirit relationship and delves into much deeper aspects of our being. This book will share insightful, yet simple, ways of crossing the threshold of consciousness into more meaningful states of spirituality and coexistence with the world we live in. Visit me at


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  1. Lykke Pia Jespersen says - Posted: June 6, 2015

    Nice and simple. I like the way i felt my hope got activated 🙂

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