The Magnetic Sense – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Science has, over the last decades, discussed and tried to prove a human magnetic sense or magnetoreception. All the way from bacteria through many different animals in the chain of evolution all the way to mammals have proof of magnetic orientation abilities as well as the presence of magnetite in different body parts that could explain the phenomenon.

Experiments with blindfolded humans turned around and even placed far into the woods not knowing where they were and asked to point towards “home” indicated they had an unknown sense of direction. The main critic of this first experiments is now in the lead of the new discoveries of the human magnetoreception.

Some people claim the best position to sleep in is with the head towards the north or east. I would suggest experimenting and try what feels good for you, rather than just accepting it.

We live in a magnetic field surrounding the Earth so it would not be that strange that we could sense, adapt or adjust ourselves to our magnetic environment.

Science says that the magnetic field of the earth might be the foundation of life in the sense that without it we would have no atmosphere, or oceans. The magnetic field protects us from solar winds and cosmic radiation like a shield of mothering care. Without it the earth would be without atmosphere, oceans or life. It should not be difficult to perceive the biosphere as close integrated with the water, air and magnetic field as just subtle aspects of the same thing, the living earth or Gaia.

The magnetic sense is regarded as the possible primal sense, and if it is the sense of living it is not surprising.

People working in this kind of research start to perceive this field not only as the foundation of life, but also as the carrier of all biological information connecting all living systems; as a field of mutual interaction between all life and a living earth.

Every human as well as all other life forms affects and informs this field and at the same time are affected and informed by it. This might be the explanation of telepathy, distant healing, intentional healing and prayer for others.

Through coherent work of humans meditation together with the same intention the field would get stronger and give a collective impact that would improve the state of all human beings as well as every life upon earth.

The field could be the basis of non-local phenomenon as well as the foundation of the collective unconscious, the soul of the earth itself.  From this perspective the magnetic sense would be useful to help us realign with all human kind, all life forms and the earth.

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