The Secret of Your Feet – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

The feet are perhaps the most neglected part of your body. Many people use their feet so little that they degenerate quicker than any other part of the human economy. Grown ups with athletes feet, dry skin, corns, cracks in the soles, fungi on the nails of the feet or deformed toes are very common. On the other side, we have people without arms that have learned to use the feet as hands and are able to do amazing things with them.

Wrapping up the feet in shoes all they long does not help them much.

You need the feet when you stand and walk about. They are your foundation, grounding and the most faithful servant you have.

In the womb, you could at an early stage imagine the foetus almost as a round ball or head, that starts to sprout out a spine that eventually get branches of limbs.
Or if you look at the development of animal life, you could imagine an octopus as a head and its “limbs” as an advanced mouth. First when life develops to the stage of fishes we get a chest. The animals that later inhabit dry land develop limbs with feet.

From both these perspectives, we can see the head-feet axis as the beginning and end of a timespan.

In astrology, the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is related to the head, each sign following relates to parts of the body from the head down all the way to the feet, which are associated with Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of the servant , the person aware of the whole humankind as a unity as opposed to Aries the biggest “I” in the zodiac. It starts with the awareness of an “I” and ends with the awareness of all of us. When you reach that awareness you become a servant of the human kind for the better of the common good.

In the same way as the Pisces are a double sign, symbolized with two fishes, you need to have two feet to walk or stand put. The feet makes you aware of having two sides, and of learning to cooperate or harmonize the yin and yang or passive and active or feminine and masculine nature in you.

If you have poor circulation, the feet are often the first part to get cold. Many people struggle to fall asleep because of cold feet. This is the same principle of moving from the “I” of Aries or your head, into the deep collective of the Pisces or your feet. To be in touch with your feet and provide them with the vital heat of your blood, is to be so deeply relaxed that you can flow into sleep or into the collective unconscious.

The symbol of being a servant we also see in the act of kissing the feet or washing the feet. In old time servants washed the feet of guest to keep the house clean. If the feet where washes by others it would be a deliberate act of humility, showing respect and subduing oneself with self-humiliation. The same we see when people wash their feet or take of their shoes before entering a church or temple as well as kissing the ground or bending their head to the ground in prayer. The ground is the realm of the feet.

The relation of the feet with the collective, common good, bigger whole or bigger holon is also seen in them being the most used body part among holographic treatment methods. Holography is the principle of the whole body being represented in the feet, hands, eyes, ear, tongue as well as many other places.
Reflexology is the practice or therapy that uses this principle to cure ailments and diseases.
Viewing the two feet on a person lying on a bench, in the most known projection of the bode, the heels represent the lower body and the toes the head with its parts. The outer sides of the feet represents the lateral parts of the body and the parts were the two feet almost touch is the middle areas of your body ( See illustration).

Reflexology is a wonderful system of healing; the fact that someone touches your feet, the releasing pain from the therapy and the well being you feel afterwards is unique.

Old cultures as the Egyptian as well as the indigenous people of America and others knew this method of treatment ( See illustration)

The feet are the servants of your body!

1. Michael of Rhodes Illuminated Manuscript from 1401 A.D. – The zodiac as it relates to the body.
2. Reflexology chart by Andreas N. Bjørndal
3. From Ankhmahor´s tomb called ”The tomb of the Physician”. Ankhmahor was “vizier”, “First after the King”, “Overseer of the Great House (Palace)” and his pharaoh was Teti (2323-2291 B.C.), first Pharaoh in sixth dynasty.

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