The Stairway to Adventure – by Holland

If your mindset is one of collecting experiences than you’re destined for a life filled with adventure. The people you meet, places you go and activities you participate in will transform your journey into one of discovery and connection. Here are 5 steps to experience adventure on a deeper level.

Be Open. Adventure is about discovering something new. Different cultures give you the opportunity to experience traditions and customs which vary from your own. All five senses can be fully activated if you’re willing to tuck the map into your pocket and immerse yourself in the new.

Be Flexible. Allow yourself to roam the road less traveled, literally. Forgo standing in a long line to visit another exhibit, which will prove to be time consuming, and pursue something new. Find another experience that you had no idea existed prior to roaming.

Be Curious. Interact and engage with locals. Ask questions and learn the history from their experiences and perspective. Inquire how they celebrate holidays, weddings and other special events in their lives.

Be Brave. Confront challenges head on! Try speaking an unfamiliar language, and yes you’ll mispronounce words, but locals will happily help you perfect your accent. Taste unfamiliar food, play or watch a new sport, wander into a local place and listen to a different type of music as you dance to a another tune. Explore and experience what is outside of your comfort zone.

Be Generous. It’s amazing how you can impact another person’s life with the things you may take for granted. Pack clothing, shoes, pens, and pads that you can give away. There are many communities in the world who have far less than you and it’s a wonderful way to share with someone that may need these items.

It’s easy to view adventure from the perspective of traveling to exotic destinations. And while adventure is found in those places, don’t forget that you live in a multi-cultural and diverse world which is available every time you walk out your front door. Make the commitment to travel the trail of adventure as you explore new cultures and experiences. Follow these steps and you’re sure to climb the stairway to adventure.


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This article was written by Holland Haiis

Hello, it is an honor to be part of a creative and collaborative community that shares in the interest of mental and spiritual well-being. As a Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach and Team Builder I work with clients on how-to find and follow their dreams, by connecting to boundaries, goals, thought, energy and play. Empowering people to Consciously Connect to their lives and well-being gives me inspiration! By facilitating workshops, speaking engagements and consulting with entrepreneurs and CEO's on how-to become leaders, it's all about empowerment--YOURS! Looking forward to engaging with many of you, sharing in the journey, and hearing your thoughts. Ready for the magic!!


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