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Meditation CD by Peter Grün McCarthy. He is also our Tech Manager, a writer and one of our Editors. He also owns the record-lable EpicCircles.com. His Music includes Spiritual, Alternative Electronica, Post-rock, Jazz and Renaissance themed music.

Here is one of his Relaxation CD’s up for grabs … Yay – Enjoy!

Imagine the pure white light radiating from the mountains in the high North.

– Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax –
Highly Meditative CD from the Norwegian trio – Peter, Erlend and Astrid Elisabeth.

Jotunheim, is the name of a Norwegian Mountain with a beautiful white mountain top, The name origins thousand of years back in time, the name Jotunheim has in a mysterious way the same rooth meaning in both norse and ancient sanskrit, it means “Radiating white light”.
Avalon, is the primary charging of this meditation. Inspiring Celtic Peace Horns and the Elvish styled hymn visioned by the High Priestesses of this misty island.

Arts, Crafts and Music made by The Magic Happens Writers will be available here very soon – stay tuned! 




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