To Be is to Reap – by Bob Rush

I had written what I thought was a very thought provoking piece. Upon a second reading, I found it lacking. So, back to the dart board rather than the drawing board. I tend to write like I think which sometimes gets me into deep kimchee. Thoughts come fast and furious, get jumbled and lead me off point. That being said, it is time to turn my attention to the chosen theme of to reap. There is such awesome power in such a small but elegant word. It so flows like a cork on the currents of a stream. My journey to date is really about choice and through these my road map is created. If followed to the best of our abilities, life’s gifts and significant miracles appear. Remember to keep your mind’s eye open. At the crux of living an abundant life is not to let the negativity influences color and decide the choices we make. It is about seizing the power rather than just being another one of the sheeple.

I know that in any given moment, my mind tends to want to lead me down the black broken brick road and into the land of negativity. Depressing thoughts swirl and dance about. I am reminded of the old Pogo comic strip in which Pogo declares, “We have met enemy and he is us”. I have worked extremely hard on rewiring my negative brain into a positive one. Part of this process is to write a gratitude statement which list at least three things I am grateful for and post them on Facebook. This practice has really assisted me in becoming more positive. When I stopped doing this for a bit, people on Facebook messaged me and asked me to continue as it was a source of inspiration to them. Wow, who knew little ol’ me could be inspirational. No matter where we are in our journey, we will face times of struggle. If we acknowledge it and not get swept away, things really aren’t as awful as they may seem. I am not discounting when we face real trouble. Remember it is within our power to change our situation. Sometimes what we seek to reap may not always appear in the form we think. Take abundance for example. In most cases it does not take the form of money. It may be the reconnecting with a long lost friend. You have to be willing to think beyond the obvious.

In my yoga practice and fitness workouts, I seek to maintain an active life and be healthy and have a strong body. However if I focus on the ladies who are super flexible or the guys who can lift a ton, I do not reap the benefits of my program. Comparing ourselves to others is a waste of energy. Being almost 65, I remind myself that I’m doing my best, pushing myself a bit and knowing that Rome was not built in a day. And the bonus is, I leave happier.

So, being honest here, I do feel the pangs of getting older and my age. Yes, age is only a number, but this year I can really tell the body isn’t what it used to be. It can be totally depressing if I give these thoughts power. There are days I just wish I did not have to struggle so much to be as comfortable as I’d like to be. One of my go-to tricks is to remind myself I do not have to walk ten miles to get the daily supply of water. Its always good to remind myself that I have a place to sleep, fresh food and water, a job to go to and friends and family who love me. Sometimes one does take the essentials of life for granted especially when you have them. Ahh, the power of gratitude. Besides being grateful, I try to live the words, “work in progress”, and “progress not perfection”.

Staying in the present moment allows me to reap the benefits and the small but significant miracles from the canvas of life. When I am preoccupied with the past and brooding about the future, I waste the precious energy of the universe. Plans do have a place in our lives but not to the extent that they dictate the path of our lives.

I am bone weary of the environment of hate and anger in the world (most particularly here in the U.S.A.). What is being done to the environment is criminal. Here’s where the old line of you reap what you sow is coming live to a natural disaster near you. Self righteousness has supplanted lifting your brother up. There is a percentage of the population who have been propelled by greed and reaped much at the expense of the many. Have nots, have increased at the hands of a greedy few. Shame on them.

Meditation is another tool in my bag of tricks. I don’t adhere to a strict schedule, which I plan to change shortly. It does truly take practice and more practice to see the real benefits, One of my favorites is to not buy into the chatter of incessant thoughts that rattle around in my head. Sometimes just being quiet is the big payoff. I think being quiet freaks many people out and makes them uncomfortable. Lately, I have been really frustrated and I believe it emanates from feeling guilty and powerless over situations. If I fall back to sitting quietly and acknowledging these feelings there power is diminished. Sometimes control is just an illusion. It something that can just drive you bonkers. When these issues hide in the bushes and pop out at the wrong time, I remember the power of “to just let it go”. And in so doing, I reap a full heart and quiet mind. To close your eyes, breathe deeply, expand your heart and mind and then to exhale is empowering and uplifting,

In these days of instant gratification, it is easy to fall into the trap of want. Crap is instantaneous, masterpieces take time. It is in the immortal words of George Carlin, “Stuff is just stuff“. I seek the benefits of the spiritual, mental and physical world. I am lifted up works of art, music and literature, stories of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things, the human – equine bond, long walks, yoga, meditation, long walks in the quiet of nature, time with family, friends, and the grandson. Just a few of my joys.

Learning to go with the flow of life has provided peace in my life. I am learning to surrender my resistance. In yoga when I reach a point of resistance in a pose, I try to remember to let go of the need to do the pose perfectly, breathe and be at peace at where I am in the pose. My mom always reminded me that yoga is practice. Wise words, indeed.

Enjoy the banquet of everyday life, appreciate, inspire, collaborate, lift up, smile and seek what is right. The gifts of the universe are there, we just have to open our eyes and heart. Be at peace in your journey and retain a sense of wonder, and remember to marvel at the magic of life. Peace and love to all of you. Till next time, Namaste!!!

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This article was written by Bob Rush

Hey gang! I am just a fellow traveler along this journey we like to call life. I am currently in a second career of sorts. Working my passion which is horses. Mostly I am truly into doing bodywork or massage. I feel its the least we can do to such trusting majestic beings. Its my spirituality that gets a boost from their simple but elegant energy. I hope I can share funny moments, aha moments and just insights to make the journey peaceful, fun and of course, full of magic.


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  1. Marie Elena says - Posted: September 4, 2018

    Thank you for all of these great reminders. I know I can use them. It can be challenging living in this earth realm. We can only control ourselves really. I always tell myself to choose love yet I will protect like a warrior if needed. Each year I face more challenges and I keep telling myself just do what you can where you are at. It really is true.

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