To Share Is To Participate – by Wayne Parker

I believe most folk would relate this month’s theme of “participate”, to living life. At first I did also but eventually spirit brought forth a new direction for me to follow.


If you look in the dictionary on the word participate, it basically states, “to share.”


Holding my hand high in the air, my name is Wayne Parker and “I share”. I am an addict of sharing. I fully participate in all there is. I need your help and your guidance to keep me on this sharing track so that many may benefit from my experience, knowledge, love and most of all my purpose for being on this extraordinary planet. To share all that comes across my path with others that are seeking.


In this era filled with worldwide technology, we can instantly connect almost any piece of information we come across that may be valuable to others. It may be via Facebook, a forum board somewhere, through meditation or any form of connection that works. I truly hold personal preference to face to face sharing but whatever form of communication, is great. The speed of connection today allows anyone to share a thought that may become relevant to another.


The ultimate in life is sharing what we are really doing? We are giving of ourselves something that may be of benefit to someone else. This may come in the form of listening to another, to giving love to someone, maybe some helpful uplifting words or even a small gift that will be appreciated. How about sharing a pleasant smile with someone, a quick hello, have a nice day or maybe holding a door open for someone?


Of course I have done my bit to participate in life as most of us have. I have had several relationships over my adventure, purchased homes, had a higher education, worked a secure job, have driven many cars, played every sport imaginable and so on. Yes I can say, I did and still participate in life.


As I sit and write this article I pondered over all of the above in the last paragraph and even though I was a willing participant in life stuff, my underlying theme was sharing. I shared everything I had and was in all my relationships, love being at the top of the list. In all the homes I lived, I shared it with friends and even their friends. I have shared my warmth of house, food and beverage. I have always maintained an open door policy.


In my studies, I was willing to lend a hand to others who may have been struggling to learn. I even got to the point of teaching at the university and spending countless hours sharing my knowledge with the students after class. I had a wonderful corporate job where it was not only my responsibility to ensure the education of many, I also added in the sharing of me as a sounding board for all my students and staff. I was always the go to person for those that needed some advice and or an ear that would listen.


You get the point; I shared me while being a willing participant in life.


Life is truly about me first but without me sharing who I am, I do not have a life. Just take a look at this magazine, each issue I share my ideas, thoughts and personal views on a wide variety of topics. I keep seeking new thoughts and place or share it with you. Yes I am a co-owner of The Magic Happens but even if I was not, this venue is a beautiful opportunity to allow others to read my shares. It is kind of like Facebook in a magazine format where we can all share, enjoy and like.


When I have the chance to share any of my gifts with someone, my energy just soars. The higher my energy becomes the better person I become and the more evolved I become. As I see the smile on someone from something I just shared or see that light bulb come on, my heart skips a beat.


In the past while I have read several books on a variety of topics from Buddhism, Shamanism, and meeting people in heaven, to gaining knowledge from seven angels to reach home. I am not here to do a book report, but in each case the author through their personal experience and or creative fiction was able to express the same points of view. Life is about sharing all you believe in to help progress one to that higher level of enlightenment.


With that being said, I am still willing to participate in life but my ever striving enlightened self says, raising my hand once again, I am Wayne Parker and I LOVE SHARE.


Who is the next to step up and raise their hand?


Peace and Love



About author

This article was written by Wayne Parker

Wayne is a co-founder of the popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud. "The magazine works from the philosophy that human kind are not physical beings here to discover their spirituality but rather human kind are beings of spirit here to learn the joys of being physical and apply their spiritual nature to their physical experience. Thriving out loud means to live in joy where all can see and become a beacon of that joy so that others can follow on the path of unconditional love, inner freedom and personal magic. The Magic Happens seeks to present, through a variety of contributors, the idea that joyful living comes from an attitude of unconditional love for all of life rather then a life where nothing ever goes wrong. Life is challenging and each challenge we face each day is an opportunity to choose to push against what is or choose to accept and thrive through the experience."


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  1. Maran says - Posted: August 6, 2014

    Waving my hand too!
    Hey old pal, so good to see you again
    & to be back in the space with ya’all.
    I swear we look more alike than the last time I hugged you!

    Looking forward to sharing & growin from this space.
    Hey you too Annette 🙂

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