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The Magic Happens Magazine

TMH is a free monthly online Magazine, a free 24/7 Joyful music radio with 10 radio shows pr. week! In 2007 we hit the web for the first time, since then we have increased the number of magazines, and we went monthly Dec. 1. 2014.

Our yearly article hit by the end of 2017 was just above 4.8 million and we had 124.000 + unique readers. The popularity of TMH free online Magazine is really growing!

More than 12.000 unique readers from 185 countries are now reading the the main part of the  Magazine EVERY month.
We had a successful New Year meditation 2017 with more than 1.500 people participating. The year 2017 was the year of our 10 Year anniversary – what a BLAST! – Ten Years – Wow.

The Magic Happes Radio is still running 24/7 and will be severely upgraded and rebuild this year 2018. Also the Facebook fan page has increased 20% in members the last 12 months. And our Event calendar has been well used in 2017 and will be available for the Years to come.

This is so exciting for us! And we really appreciate YOU as a reader. Help us spread the good energy, help Humanity Thrive Out Loud!

You are also welcome to subscribe, it is a free Magazine. You can subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the two lines in the upper right corner called: “Subscribe for TMH™ Monthly Newsletter” – you will then get one email pr. month only from us, reminding you that a new issue of the Magazine is ready, or you can Register by clicking the hyperlink in the lower right corner of the footer called: “Register Here (You can use Facebook too). This option will give you the free membership of the Magazine and you can comment and chat with our writers. It’s all up to you. And it’s fun 🙂

Our intentions are to be an advocate of living here and now in personal freedom, to speed up personal growth through exposing ourselves providing, both entertaining and positive growth promoting content. Our team of writers are Thriving contributors that offer many examples, they are award winning book writers, teachers, business consultants, artists, factory workers, caretakers, healers, farmers and scientists (to mention a few).


Our Vision for The Magic Happens:

1. Imagine inspired readers laughing, saying “wow” and “I have to read that again, that was inspiring”Check
2. Imagine a magazine where writers and authors meet and share their crafty work … Check
3. Imagine it all is connected to a radio show that runs and is accessible all over the world … Check
4. Imagine online TV-shows with laughter and real people Thriving Out Loud … Under development
5. Imagine groups of people thriving, sharing the special moment on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube … yes we are there too … Check
6. Imagine Webinars with our writers teaching or just showing you what they think … Check (More to come)
7. Imagine a forum-based school, where anyone can get special attention and personal guidance … As we speak
8. Imagine The Magic Happens Online Magazine compiling a paper version of all the amazing articles … yes we are doing that in this moment … yay!
9. Books on paper and/or digital … It’s all happening right now!!! … Check




The Magic Happens – 2018 Edition

Welcome to our NEW AUDIO category, we really needed to add the possibility for our writers to add an audio version of the article they write, as the Magazine expands in so many ways. TMH does not charge anything for this service and you can follow the link to AUDIO-articles above or search for the Audio category.

This is the 2017 Edition of The Magic Happens Magazine, can you believe it? It was eight years ago that we launched our first The Magic Happens Magazine. Here we are and aren’t we all Thriving?

By the way, did you check out our Radio show? 🙂

And did you check out our Facebook group? 🙂 Or do you follow us at Pinterest? 🙂

So 2018, for The Magic Happens Magazine, is the year of ‘everyone’s story counts.’ Stay tuned for some very cool and playful happenings here at the magazine to celebrate the theme we have picked for 2018.

For everyone’s story to count we do need to find new writers so if you know of anybody who is willing to tell their story, please have them contact us …

We here at The Magic Happens have definitely gotten in the swing of that formula of going with the flow of whatever challenges the Universe has tossed in our path. Love from Annette, Peter and Kat.


Do stay in contact, write to Kat McCarthy or send us a message via our Facebook fan page.


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