Vision – a perspective on life – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

The most important thing at the beginning of a new year, or at the beginning of any new adventure or cycle is to have a vision, a vision of your dreams, your aspirations or goals.

If you have no vision you do not know where you might be heading. Without a vision you might as well press the ”repeat-button” or say ”da capo”. If you want something to change you first have to envision the future you are heading towards.


A vision is a goal, a vision is a direction, a vision creates a place, a state or a condition to be desired and that desire creates a pull. As soon as you have a vision it start to pull you towards its realization. (Read more about the “pull” or driver)

In the same way that cells and organs in the body, inter-relate and adjust to what you do with your body, we are part of a higher unit that influences us. We are part of the daily and yearly cycles defined by the relation between earth and sun. We adjust to winter and summer. We adjust to fluctuations in society, culture, fashion, the news and many other things. From a spiritual point of view we are under the influence of many factors that all work to shape us, form us, and cultivate us into a masterpiece. Into a being of soulful abilities of love, care, wisdom truth, goodness, purity, justice etc. You are on a journey of experiences that are good and bad as you are heading towards the realization of your highest potential and manifesting it more and more. It is there already just envision it more clearly.

As you grow with your awareness, you start to perceive how every challenge, every resistance you meet or all the incidences in your life are subtle influences that mould you and make you grow as a soul, just like a plant grows by its exposure to sunlight, air and soil.

Perceiving this process gives you the gift of envisioning a higher goal, a goal that works as a New Years wish year after year. A vision that adds to the same direction as the universe is pulling you, so you do not need to take detours but aim at the goal you will be heading towards sooner or later anyway (Here you can read more about this inner driver). Then the inner life and the outer life will get more and more in harmony. (Read about the inner, outer and virtual world here).

Next time you make a mistake or meet a challenge or resistance pounder about if it is a detour. Keep your goal or vision in mind and compare it to the situation and keep towards the higher goal your golden vision. Now at The New Year is the time to paint, refresh and remind yourself of your vision, the magic happens now!

Thank you for your time!

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