Wait for it – by David J. Little

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Wait for it…

What is worth waiting for? Why do we anticipate what is going to happen? How does this affect our daily lives?

These are questions that are worth answering. Let’s start with the first one. What is worth waiting for? Is it something physical, like a birthday present? Is it a milestone in your life? Is it something that’s life-changing? I think it can be all of these things. The essence of waiting is patience. If we don’t have patience we become frustrated, exasperated and anxious. So, maybe the process of waiting for something teaches us how to exercise patience.

So, it’s funny how answering that first question leads to answering all the other questions. When we are anticipating something with an expectation of a specific result, we are not allowing the Universe to bring us a different result other than the specific result we are wanting . Exercising the virtue of patience allows the Universe to bring that wonderful thing we are anticipating into our lives in unexpected ways. I’m not saying not to have joy or positive expectations about an event or milestone or an occurrence in our lives;just add that little sprinkle of patience and gratitude into the mix.

So, the next time you really want something or you are waiting for something to happen; use the energy of patience and gratitude to allow the Universe to assist you in receiving exactly what you need. You will find that your life will change in wonderful and amazing ways.

My wish for you is that the Universe brings you everything you need right now.



Wait for it…


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Who is David Little? David lives and plays in Vancouver, B.C. one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Oh yeah that's in Canada eh! He is a meditator, student of spiritual enlightenment, guitar player, singer and 4th Dan Ki Aikido practitioner and instructor.Oh yes, he also enjoys writing, is an intuitive life coach and part time ghost buster. He is presently working with spirit to help and heal people in the physical world and beyond.How do we live together in the spirit of cooperation? Please feel free to contact David at davidjlittleauthour@gmail.com if you want to hear more about what David does.


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